Interfaith Meeting About Covid-19 Preparation

March 18, 2020

Premier David Burt, Minister of National Security Wayne Caines and members of the Disaster Risk Reduction Management Team met with interfaith representatives this week to discuss with the group Government’s preparation plans regarding Covid-19 coronavirus.

Clergy Meeting Bermuda March 17 2020 (1)

The meeting took place at St. Paul’s Centennial Church Hall, and Minister Caines, who is also the co-Chair of the Emergency Measures Organisation [EMO] said, “The National Security team shared information about how to prepare for, and respond to this widespread contagious disease.

“Guidance and recommendations about holding religious services amid the Covid-19 pandemic was discussed, such as limiting the number of persons at church services to 50 at a time; encouraging seniors not to attend services; or alternatively using various mediums such as streaming online, or broadcasting via radio or television to deliver faith based services.

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“The various interfaith leaders in attendance appreciated that they would need to alter how they deliver their services. They were keen on maintaining some critical community outreach programmes.

“Ultimately, it was a productive meeting. The faith based leaders were incredibly mindful of the challenges we face, and would adapt their services to meet these unprecedented circumstances. They were committed to making the best decisions and determinations for their respective congregations, based on the advice shared by the Government.”

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  1. Warrior says:

    Shouldn,t the lady have been sitting at the end of the table rather than next to Premier Caines?

    • WHAT? says:

      First of all know the difference that’s Premier Burt and other man is Minister Caines. LOL

    • Always got an answer. says:

      They work together at the Ministry of National Security. So they would have already been in close proximity.

    • TJ says:

      Mr. Caines is NOT the Premier dummy!! Mr. Burt is!!!!

  2. Goldy locks says:

    I like the social distances of chairs

  3. Me says:

    So what a big meeting to tell church folks stay at home ??? Talk about walking on egg shells