Teachers Union Sign Off On Job Descriptions

March 5, 2020

The Bermuda Union of Teachers said they have signed off on the long awaited Job Descriptions for Para-educators and Educational Therapist Assistants.

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Union of Teachers is happy to reveal that after a twenty year battle for clarity, this Union has signed off on the long awaited Job Descriptions [JD] for Para-educators and Educational Therapist Assistants [ETAs].

“All parties signed off on the Job Descriptions on Wednesday, March 4, 2020. Our discussions with the Department of Education have finally bore fruit, and we are optimistic that this group of often overlooked educators will, at long last, get the acknowledgement, respect, and compensation they deserve.

Department of Education Director of Academics Dr. Lew Simmons is joined by BUT President Nishanthi Bailey, BUT Vice-President Anthony Wolffe, BUT Para-educator Executive Joezine Butterfield, and BUT General Secretary Dr. Michael Charles

Bermuda Union Of Teachers March 2020

“This noteworthy event was brought about in no small part by the assiduous efforts of BUT Para-educator Executive Sister Joezine Butterfield, who has been in the trenches fighting for Para-educators and ETAs for many, many years now. A job well done Sister Butterfield; your persistence and determination have been an inspiration to this Union throughout this struggle.

“We now look forward to this long-suffering group being furnished with a salary increase as per Management Services. We’d also like to acknowledge the positive work put in during this joint effort between the BUT and the Department of Education; this illustrates in vivid color that collaboration and commitment is possible going forward.”

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  1. Wow says:

    Well done Govt and BUT

  2. Sad says:

    This is something that they feel deserves praise and worth of a press release? Both parties should be embarrassed to admit that this was even a thing.

  3. Robin says:

    Well done to Ms. J Butterfield for your dedication and commitment to the Para educators and Educational Therapists of Bermuda. A huge thank you to the Bermuda Union of Teachers as well, you all fought hard. After working in education for sixteen years I am extremely happy that finally my former colleagues not only have a job description but more importantly will receive an increase in their salary that has been long overdue.

  4. Really says:

    Really? 20 years? What.a crock of crap! Nothing to be proud of here people!