10 Videos: Good Friday Events Over The Years

April 10, 2020

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, everyone is celebrating Good Friday at home, and you can take a virtual walk back to some of the island’s Good Friday events over the past decade with the ten videos below, which span the Walk to Calvary reenactment, Kitefest, Gilbert Lamb Good Friday Fun Day, kite flying and more.

Yesterday Premier David Burt said, “Tomorrow is Good Friday, and normally we’ll be out enjoying our friends and family, while eating hot cross buns and fishcakes. You can still do that, but you must do it at home. No you cannot go to your cousin’s house, your siblings or your friend’s house to collect your usual order. This year we have to sacrifice for the greater good, and stay at home, recognizing that this is just for a time, and we will get through it. But if we do not follow these directions, more persons will, unfortunately, succumb to this illness.

“As I’ve indicated before, once the Shelter in Place Order is lifted, we will be able to enjoy our traditional festivities, which we’ll observe on another date in our calendar. But I say to all persons, that it is not the Premier of the country, the Ministers of the Cabinet, or even the elected officials that can make the difference in this situation. It is everyone working collectively together. Stay at home, only leave your house for essentials, and make sure that you are observing social distancing guidelines.”

Part I | Huge Bermuda Kite on Good Friday in St David’s, 2011

Part II | Huge Bermuda Kite on Good Friday in St David’s, 2011

Gombeys At Chewstick’s KiteFest at Horseshoe Bay Beach, 2012

Good Friday KiteFest At Horseshoe Bay Beach, 2015

St David’s Good Friday, 2017

The Walk To Calvary Reenactment, 2017

Time Lapse of Gilbert Lamb Good Friday Fun Day, 2017

Kites For Sale At Salvation Army, 2018

Mohawk Grand Prix at Gilbert Lamb Day, 2019

Aerial of Kites Flying On Good Friday, 2019

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  1. Elka says:

    Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing.