AFP Bermuda Thanks The Island’s Third Sector

May 4, 2020

The Association of Fundraising Professionals [AFP] Bermuda Chapter is inviting the public to participate in Giving Tuesday Now, which will be held tomorrow [May 5] to show appreciation for the extraordinary efforts displayed by the Island’s Third Sector amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

A spokesperson said, “Social Impact is best described as the effect of an organization or individuals on the quality of life and well-being of a community. For many years our island’s charities have helped fill the gap in social services available to our community and in doing so have helped to enrich the quality of life of some of our most vulnerable. The social impact of our island’s Third Sector is notable in the recently convened Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response.

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“The Association of Fundraising Professionals [AFP] Bermuda Chapter today salutes the extraordinary efforts displayed by our Government, Donors, Volunteers, and Not-For-Profits during the past six weeks as we prepared, organized, operationalized services and then sheltered as appropriate.

“It is wonderful to see the best of Bermuda step in and step up to assist our most vulnerable populations and take care of each other. We take this opportunity to acknowledge the hard work of so many who provided services day in and day out. We know their efforts continue as we head into our phases one of reopening Bermuda and emerging from sheltering in place.

“Who would have thought that creating physical distance from others would be an authentic way to care for our neighbors, especially the most vulnerable? Bermuda has many generous individuals building networks of support for people who need help by cooking and delivering meals for seniors, essential workers, offering free mental health and spiritual direction services, volunteering for food pantries, and so much more.

“We also know there is so much more to be done as we move from survival priorities like basic food security, health and safety, and head towards a new understanding of sustainability. We will want to stay deep and go wide to ensure the totality and complexity of our situation is understood and managed collectively.

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“Our goal today is to simply spotlight that we deeply appreciate the countless contributions. We invite everyone to pause and thank someone involved with our collective response to COVID 19. The Bermuda we are emerging into in May is not the same Bermuda we knew in February and it may not be Bermuda we get to know in September.

“On a final note, we encourage everyone to show their appreciation for the meaningful not-for-profits in Bermuda and participate in #Giving Tuesday Now on May 5, 2020. Reach out and let them know you care- make a promise to volunteer when appropriate and/or donate some much-needed funding. Thank You.

Association of Fundraising Professional – Bermuda Chapter

“During COVID 19 we meet weekly on Thursday mornings as a Bermuda Chapter and held one special meeting with Allison Towlson, managing Director of the Bank of Bermuda Foundation and lead member of the Third Sector Coordinated Crisis Response Team to align all our efforts as we serve our community.

“AFP Bermuda Chapter is committed to investing in and supporting the mentoring, training and development of professionals involved in raising funds ethically in Bermuda, As our economy and how we offer our services shifts dramatically we are determined to connect and support appropriate ways to deliver what is required to honour our commitment to community.

“For information about AFP visit”

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