BTA To Launch Golf & Retail Promo Campaigns

June 19, 2020 | 3 Comments

Special promotions in golf and retail in coming weeks aspire to rally the community and support local businesses and jobs as the island readies for air visitors to return next month, the BTA said today.

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA] recovery roadmap includes a dedicated golf promotion to champion the island’s clubs starting June 29, plus two additional campaigns to support independent retailers in July. Further promotions are in the pipeline for other sectors of the tourism economy,” the BTA said.

“The gradual reopening of Bermuda and gradual return of commercial flights mean visitor demand across the tourism economy will be soft—at least initially,” said BTA Interim CEO Glenn Jones. “The Bermuda Tourism Authority is supporting industry stakeholders by encouraging local residents to participate in these initiatives, as we work to capture the imagination of consumers looking to travel again.”

The BTA added, “Last month, the BTA outlined plans to pivot to an “inside-out” approach, creating a rolling calendar of initiatives and new online web pages designed to drive local traffic to hospitality businesses while border restrictions barred non-residents. Even as scheduled commercial air traffic re-starts, targeted marketing can stimulate local purchasers as a complement to a slow return of visitors:

  • Bermuda Golf Week, starting June 29
  • Retail promotion with local entrepreneurs, starting July 1
  • Virtual Harbour Nights, slated for weekly activations beginning late July in partnership with the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce

“Further details on each will be announced soon. Tourism partners looking to register in any of the promotions should email

“International commercial air service resumes July 1 under the Bermuda government’s fourth phase of economic reopening. It follows more than 14 weeks of border-entry restrictions in the island’s successful bid so far to manage the pandemic’s impact on Bermuda’s public-health capacity.

“The BTA’s internal COVID-19 Stakeholder Taskforce, comprising team members in its New York and Bermuda offices, launched a dedicated page on promoting more than 150 operational businesses, including food and beverage outlets, online music and health & fitness courses, and retailers offering products for both on-island customers and those overseas.”

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  1. The truth says:

    The BTA is a royal waste of time.


    1. (Las Vegas) – They promote gambling & night life

    2. (Orlando) – They promote “Disney”

    3. (Amsterdam) – They promote coffee shops & their red light district.

    4. (New Orleans) – They promote Jazz, Mardi gras, and night life

    Those listed above are just to name a few.

    So… You mean to tell me, with the salaries that your making, the “BEST” promo for the island is Golf & Retail?

    What demographic are you really trying to target?

    Lord help our Tourism please, because the BTA don’t have a clue.

  2. PANGAEA says:

    If you eat the family chicken there will be no more eggs.

    If you chop down all the fruit trees there will be no more oranges.

    If you drain the swamp, you can’t float your boat.

    Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.

    Too many cooks in the kitchen.

    Mixed messages causes confusion.

    You don’t have to go out unless you have to go out.

    Violence is not the answer, you can always blame the T.V.

    You can’t blame your parents for poor judgement .

    Bermuda has too few irions in the fire.

  3. Eve says:

    Why isn’t BTA prepared to announce what the “Golf Promo” is NOW not a week from now? Golf is one of the activities that has the best chance of attracting visitors starting in early July. 4 to 8 serious golfers are more likely too charter a plane to Bermuda for 4-7 day Bermuda golf package that included upscale accommodation, fine dining, etc., etc. The package price would have to be very attractive to be competitive with other destinations. Diving might have a similar attraction. What has BTA been doing?

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