Ministry: Illegal Dumpers To Face Prosecution

July 26, 2020

“Persons found to be illegally dumping will face prosecution,” the Ministry said today, explaining that “despite repeated requests, members of the public continue to illegally dump waste at parks, beaches, and especially public docks and bus stops. ”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of Public Works’ Department of Parks wishes to advise the public that persons found to be illegally dumping will face prosecution under the Waste and Litter Control Act 1987 and its amendments.

“Recently, the Ministry discovered that despite repeated requests, members of the public continue to illegally dump waste at parks, beaches, and especially public docks and bus stops. As such, it is apparent that despite the many pleas to responsibly dispose of their waste, there are some in the community who refuse to do so.

“The illegal dumping of waste at these sites is a threat to public health as the garbage attracts vermin and creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. It is also a huge expense to the government and reduces the time available for household curb side collection.

“Boaters are also encouraged to take their waste home with them and responsibly dispose of it with their household garbage

“Anyone with information to identify offenders committing the aforementioned acts are encouraged to contact the Waste Management Section at 278-0560 or email”

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  1. Toodle-oo says:

    This totally disgusting behavior of dumping stuff such as old stoves , refrigerators , computers , household furniture , safes , air conditioners , water heaters , pressure tanks , batteries and anything else you can care to name in a place or places that are so obviously NOT supposed to be used for such has gone on as long as it has because the people doing it are could care less slobs and they know they won’t get caught.
    What is going to change now with Burch’s rant ? Nothing at all . He’s going to have to devise a way to actually catch these could care less slobs and make an example of them , and that’s never going to happen. I wonder why .. hmm ?

  2. Dr D says:

    Sorry but more hot air and bs, don’t wish to pour water on iy but its been going on for ages and the fines are in place. could of and should have been dealt with in last few years. I know its difficult to prove but its not impossible especially with todays technology.The ass holes that do it know they can get away with it with impunity. Besides if caught so what a little slap on the wrist saying naughty boy don’t do it again, the courts are as much a joke as the prosecution. Please I beg prove me wrong!!!!!but i won’t hold my breath cause ÷??Just a useless rant from mr mouth pc .

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    HA! How many times have we heard this one before? Believe it when you see it.

    Most US states have $500 littering fines. Some, $1000 fines. In Bermuda money the fines should be $1000 minimum up to $2000 just for littering.

    Dumping is a whole nuther level. Start the fines at $5000.

  4. Now Ya Nice says:

    Nothing will change because they NEVER actually charge anyone. Case in point – Covid-19

  5. Charlly X says:

    Well what the real problem here ?
    The Human Waste is Pollution ! All the discarded junk we don’t use/want any more must be put in an appropriate place !
    You Don’t put a toilet next to the stove for either to be used at the same time ! People should do better not to Butt…they Doo Doo where the eat all the time lmao..
    In this radioactive era it’s all about the money. The ministry is talking cost . KBB is looking at Pollution. People just want to get it off/out of their home.
    So why not just place more bins at public docks in the summer… more places for bulk household once a month pick up only last week in the month and Monitor the process.. It all could be run off volunteer and charity contribution !

  6. A Bermudian says:

    Yes, it would be great to see a successful prosecution for illegal dumping. People can be fined up to $10,000 under the existing laws, so lets hope that some of the guilty will be caught and go before the courts and be sentenced with a hefty fine and make an example of them — and not a “slap on the wrist”. It might also be good if littering and dumping were a “ticketable offence” the same as parking and speeding tickets. This would be a new source of revenue for the Government, until people change their nasty lazy ways.

  7. Doc Bussn says:

    lazy people, we all know who they are who do it

  8. Toejam Express says:

    Just a few suggestions to cure this problem:

    1. Invest in more camera surveillance (this includes footage from cameras owned by private persons or businesses);

    2. Amend the legislation to dramatically increase the penalties to include terms of imprisonment and heavy fines;

    3. Justify the amendments, within the legislation, on public health grounds…which they would be;

    4. Name and shame the caught offenders by placing their photos on the government website;

    5. Create alternative to both fines and imprisonment of community service of helping to pick up trash around Bermuda. But the more severe the offence….community service order will not be allowed;

    6. Monitor the effect of the legislation to determine work ability. Too too too often legislation is drafted but simply sits on the books looking pretty. No one/ no Ministry actively seeks to ensure that new legislation is working…a waste of time effort and money;

    7. Create monetary incentives to recycle; and

    8. Open the bulk waste facility on Saturday AND on Sunday. Im sure many people will be shocked to learn that the bulk waste facility closes around 1pm Saturdays (who was the brain trust that thought this makes sense??). I’m sure the cost benefit assessment would clearly indicate it would be cheaper to keep open 7 days a week versus people dumping rubbish/ old furniture.

    There we go!! The beginning of a Government policy to for curing this problem!! Doesnt make sense creating legislation if it’s not going to be enforced or supervised to ensure effectiveness….

  9. ella says:

    Like I said before, we have some NASTY, DIRTY People that reside on this island. Hopefully, IF you do catch them, they need to be named and shamed!

  10. Ringmaster says:

    There is now the indiscriminate disposal of surgical masks to join the bottles and used baby pampers thrown into the bushes, rocks and side of the road. If the Premier wants to encourage tourists he’d better get a handle on this disgusting habit. It won’t be long before inshore reefs look like a garbage patch.

  11. Ticket, ticket, ticket…also extend the hours of operation of the Tyne,s Bay site.

  12. BermyFox says:

    They need to catch the ones who keep dumping building materials at Marsh Folly by the compost pile. It’s disgusting that they’d rather dump it into a protected nature reserve than drive another two minutes down the road to Tyne’s Bay!!!