73 Applications To Date For Residential Certificate

August 7, 2020

“The Government’s 1 Year Residential Certificate initiative, which invites individuals to work remotely from Bermuda has received a very positive response,” Minister Jason Hayward said, adding that “to date we have received 73 applications.”

Speaking at last night’s [Aug 6] press briefing, Minister Hayward said, “The Government’s 1 Year Residential Certificate initiative, which invites individuals to work remotely from Bermuda has received a very positive response. To date we have received 73 applications.

“Unfortunately, we are receiving incomplete applications which cannot be processed. However, completed applications will be approved tomorrow, enabling persons to start the process of relocating to Bermuda over the next few weeks. The requirements are basic and I would implore all applicants to submit completed applications.

“It must be emphasized that applicants for the One Year Certificate must have the means to support themselves while working remotely, and cannot seek work in Bermuda.

“Bermuda’s successful management of the Coronavirus pandemic and our COVID-19 testing regime places us in a unique competitive position to attract new residents to the island. The exposure and promotion of the 1 year residential certificate have led to interest in businesses seeking to relocate their entire operations to Bermuda. The Economic Development Department in the Cabinet Office is working with Bermuda Business Development Agency to provide advice and planning to the companies who are looking to relocate.

“We have also had inquiries from ABIR about the relocation of some of their staff to the Island and will communicate directly how those plans can be executed.”

Premier David Burt also spoke on the topic, saying, “The first is the Work from Bermuda Residential Certificate that the Minister of Labour just highlighted. As he stated, since we’ve launched initiative we’ve received a large amount of international media attention, and it is unsurprising as the story has many facets.

“To healthcare workers, this certificate signals, our successful management of the Coronavirus. To global business, it shows that Bermuda is expanding its economic options, and for companies that are already domiciled in Bermuda, they’ve received an increase in clients looking to relocate here.

“Additionally, the Bermuda Business Development Agency has received queries and requests for more information from Australia, Canada and the United States inquiring about setting up a Bermuda entity and redomiciling to Bermuda. And this is all due to the fact of our collective successful management of the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Also, for additional activity for our local insurance companies the BDA is currently working with them to create health insurance options for one year residential certificate holders.

“The Bermuda Tourism Authority, who are also stakeholders in the one year residential programme report they have generated more than 30 international news stories around the initiative, with 526 million news impressions, which represents almost a million dollars in media value.

“The launch of the Work From Bermuda website was designed to specifically inform potential applicants about the lifestyle aspect of the move to Bermuda, and resources to make the transition easy.

“The One Year Residential certificate, is just one of the economic programmes we’re offering to change the adverse effects that the pandemic has had on our economy. And the first batch of applicants will start hearing from the Ministry of Labour, tomorrow.

“In reality, remote workers and digital nomads can start arriving in Bermuda, as early as next week. The promotion of this programme will continue for the rest of this year, and into 2021 and further information can be found at workfrombermuda.bm.”

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  1. wahoo says:

    So now we understand the importance of attracting foreign capital I hope that we can extend the time frame to make lease terms more appealing.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “to date we have received 73 applications.”

    Apparently this initiative is more popular than I was expecting. Perhaps the PLP Government will consider making annual permits renewable year after year

  3. Heya says:

    How many have been returned, denied and granted is what we want to know. 20,000 could apply, means nothing.

    What steps are being taken to prevent money launderers, con artists, crooks and political Rent a mob puppets? How many are listing the same employer? How many relate to overseas companies that have a Bermuda office? How many renting accommodation v staying with family?