OBA’s Jackson: We Should Have Mail-In Voting

August 25, 2020

[Updated] “The Premier should have called the election in December and passed one-off legislation to allow mail-in voting to help protect people’s health,” according to OBA MP Susan Jackson.

Ms Jackson said, “With people stuck overseas and who cannot get back to Bermuda due to Covid, the Premier should also have considered absentee voting when making changes to the Parliamentary Election Act 1978.

“This election was an ideal time to pass one-off legislation to allow mail-in voting to help protect people’s health and reach Bermudians unable to travel home.”

Ms Jackson noted that we were just told of a confirmed case of Covid identified as local transmission and said that “so much effort has gone into strict health and safety measures and yet here we are about to mobilise small campaign armies to go from house to house.

“Bermuda has a high proportion of seniors and a high level of diabetics and asthmatics, three of the most high-risk categories. Are we going to jeopardise their health because the Premier didn’t think about mail-in voting?

“If David Burt really cares about Bermudians, all he had to do was consult the OBA and leverage the research to pass one-off legislation and allow voting by mail. With a 25-11 majority that should not have been a problem.

“The Premier consulted here and overseas about handling Covid, did he consult about the need for mail-in voting or the possible consequences of holding a general election while Covid is still very much in our midst?”

Update 7.38pm: A PLP spokesperson said, “The PLP passed a number of changes to the Parliamentary Registration Act to make it easier for Bermudians to vote.

“Now, seniors can vote in the advance poll and so can anyone with a plane ticket. They need not register in advance, they can just come and vote with their ticket. Parolees can vote. And, there are provisions for voting from home for the sick and incapacitated. The blind now have facilities to cast secret ballots.

“Regarding the campaign, we have strict protocols in place for our canvassers. Remain physically distant. Wear masks. Carry hand sanitizer and use it often. Step knock on the door and STEP BACK to allow for physical distancing.

“While the OBA promised many electoral reforms in 2012 and delivered none, the PLP actually delivered the aforementioned reforms to make it easier and safer for Bermudians to exercise their hard won franchise.”

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  1. No way says:

    I don’t agree. Voting is all about taking risks so if you want to risk catching Covid and financial ruin go and vote PLP.

    • Onion Juice says:

      As a People, we have risked our lives ever since we were first allowed to vote.
      And further more, I see more people in resturants and shopping in one area then there would allowed in a voting station.
      Get over it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • question????? says:

      If you really want a risk try voting for the JETGATE and asking for the $350K donation that was for the OBA/UBP as a gift from a hotelier………………. but never received so the REPORT STATED!!!

      WHO TOOK THE MONEY????? Honesty and credibility all missing from this crew!

      • newperspective says:

        Ask DaCost, Cannonier’s business partner at the time of “Jetgate”. I’m sure he can tell you all about where and who got what. Hollis, past OBA chairman, at the time, investigated the $350k. He resigned from the Party because of what he found. Not a very credible outcome for the OBA. The OBA won to correct any alleged corruption, not continue the status quo.

        • Come Correct says:

          I don’t see anyone asking where the still “missing” 800m of TAXPAYERS money went under the PLP.

          • Former OBA voter says:

            The obaUbpers stated a great deal of bs and flooded the party with surrogates. Same plans they used before they use now. Now go rent a consultant to tell you why black voters departed. The surrogate flip tricks don’t work anymore.

            • Come Correct says:

              Furthermore, the OBA (a party I didn’t even mention) isn’t even a viable option to vote for so you can take your pathetic act of deflection somewhere else. Where is our 800 MILLION?

  2. So says:

    She sits in Parliament week after week and does not say a word about mail in ballots. Now with Parliament closed tell us how that can be done? It can’t and she should know that.

    • Truthhertz says:

      Why would she bring it up when the election was scheduled for over 2 years from now? Your Party knew they were about to call an election during a pandemic and never did they ensure mail in ballots were in place.

      Disgusting tactics by the PLP as usual. And of course their supporters deflect blame and responsibility on an Oppositon that has less than half the seats than the Governing Party. Always deflecting and shunning responsibility. Always.

      • Wake up Bie says:

        The OBA stated they knew the election was coming stop being a cats razz!

  3. spinspinspin says:

    Disgusting move by the PLP. So many of the rules this year have been changed out of necessity, so change one more to allow a FAIR election. What an insult to students and those that don’t want to travel to safeguard their health.

    The absolute LEAST they can do is have the election in December.

  4. Joe Bloggs says:

    “The Premier should have called the election in December and passed one-off legislation to allow mail-in voting to help protect people’s health”

    But he did neither. What does that tell you?

  5. Kathy says:

    Most countries around the world allow their citizens to vote even if not currently resident. We are in 2020 and every citizen should have the right to vote in their place of birth! Bermudians living overseas should have the right to vote by mail. Period!

    • newperspective says:

      It is the prerogative of the Premier when he sees fit to call an election. If you want things to be done differently, then you should be demanding constitutional changes to address what you believe, strongly, must change with the times. I agree changes should be made to include a 5 year fixed term and ability to recall members of parliament.

      By having fixed term, no government -of-the-day, or party, can take advantage over the opposition. Also, constituents can have the right to recall their member of parliament for non-performance.