Video: August 25th Bernews Morning Newsflash

August 25, 2020

PLP introduce their first two candidates: Jason Wade and Crystal Caesar, RBR Association launches scholarship fund, Taste of Bermuda drive-through experience, Regulatory Authority issues three new communications licences, temporary moratorium on 5G deployment,  2020 Bermuda Championship Local Qualifier, $25,000 awarded to Bermudian art students, Bacardi appoints Danielle Paynter, seawater monitoring programme results are ‘encouraging’ and one new confirmed Covid-19 case in Bermuda are some of the stories in this morning’s [Aug 25] Bernews Newsflash.

MNF Cover Bermuda Aug 25 2020

The Bernews Morning Newsflash includes an overview of the latest Bermuda news, the local weather forecast for today and the next four days, local stock report, our photo of the day, as well as a look at news headlines from around the world.

In addition to being available each morning on the website, the Newsflash is designed to suit your favourite social media network, so is also available directly in the Bernews mobile app, the main Bernews Twitter feed, our YouTube channel, our Tumblr, with a shortened version available via Instagram.

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