AXIS, Simply Business Launch New Offering

September 2, 2020 | 0 Comments

AXIS Insurance and Simply Business, Inc. announced the launch of “AXIS Home Based Business Insurance”, an insurance policy that provides coverage to small business owners who conduct business from home.

A spokesperson said, “Simply Business, Inc., a digital insurance agency offering small business insurance policies on behalf of a panel of carriers, announced today that it is the first distributor to work with AXIS Insurance on a new product intended for U.S. small business owners who conduct business from their homes. The product, to be called AXIS Home Based Business insurance, will offer customized coverage that is designed specifically for the unique environment in which a home business operates.

“Homeowners’ insurance policies may not cover commercial losses, and as a result, entrepreneurs who run their businesses from home may not be protected from a variety of unexpected events that could jeopardize their business. The Home Based Business policy intends to fill these key gaps.”

“Being able to offer this product reflects our continuing mission to serve the unique needs of small business owners, and it comes at a critical moment, as many entrepreneurs have been forced to work from their homes due to the pandemic,” said Simply Business CEO David Summers. “We look forward to working with AXIS, a leader in the specialty insurance industry, to offer a product that gives customers peace of mind and allows them to focus on maintaining and growing their business.”

“AXIS Home Based Business insurance provides businesses with the flexibility to have exactly what they need and nothing they don’t,” said Peter Wilson, CEO, AXIS Insurance. “It’s designed to deliver at-home business owners confidence and protection to succeed. We are delighted to launch our new product with Simply Business, a company that shares that same sentiment.”

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