Top 10 Most Viewed Videos For August 2020

September 1, 2020

Bernews posted more than 150 videos across our various social networks during August, and the most viewed included a near collision, Sybil & Friends performing on Front Street, the Night Of Soul, PLP announcing their first two candidates for the 2020 General Election, and more.

As far as Facebook videos, the most viewed for the month was the Sleepy Hollow Cup Match Trophy Presentation with over 7,7000 views, the second was a live video of the ‘Night of Soul’ event hosted by A New Life Charity, and the third was a live video of the Government press conference on Covid-19 on August 24.

On Instagram, the most viewed video for the month was a near collision, the second was a video of the water park at Rosewood, and the third was the Bernews Morning Newsflash on August 1.

The most watched Twitter video was a video of the Kinezumi water park at Rosewood, the second was a video of Nkosi Hollis and Tyler Ray Wilson performing at the ‘Moment of Reflection’ event, and the third was a video of Sybil and Friends performing on Front Street.

#1 – Video Clip Depicting A Near Collision, Aug 12

#2 – Sybil & Friends Perform On Front Street, Aug 8

#3 – PLP Candidates: Jason Wade & Crystal Caesar, Aug 24

#4 – Government Press Conference On Covid-19, Aug 27

#5 – We Are The World By Sybil & Friends On Front Street, Aug 8

#6 – Performance At The Flag Pole In Hamilton, August 8

#7 – Renee Webb Speaks At Pride Event, Aug 8

#8 – Bermuda Pride ‘Moment of Reflection’, Aug 8

#9 – BIU President Chris Furbert On Hotels & Docks, Aug 26

#10 – Burst Water Main In Paget, Aug 23

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