New Ministers: Commissiong, Scott & Furbert

October 8, 2020

[Updated] Rolfe Commissiong has been appointed to the Senate and Cabinet, Lawrence Scott and Tinee Furbert have been appointed to the Cabinet, while Owen Darrell, Curtis Richardson, Arianna Hodgson and Lindsay Simmons have been appointed to the Senate.

This was announced by Premier David Burt this afternoon, as the Premier named his new Cabinet and Senate team following the 2020 General Election. Senator Commissiong previously served as an MP but stepped down, while the other four new Senators all ran in the 2020 General Election.

Lawrence Scott will serve as Minister of Transport, Tinee Furbert will serve as the Minister of Social Development and Seniors, while Rolfe Commissiong will be the Minister of Community Affairs and Sports.

Lovitta Foggo and Neville Tyrrell will no longer serve in Cabinet, while Walter Roban, Curtis Dickinson, Kim Wilson, Diallo Rabain, Lt/Col David Burch, Renee Ming, Kathy Simmons, Jason Hayward and Wayne Furbert will all continue in same Ministries they had before the election.

Slideshow of the Cabinet & Senate members, images via the Premier’s Twitter:


New Cabinet:

  • David Burt – Premier
  • Lawrence Scott – Transport
  • Tinee Furbert – Social Development and Seniors
  • Kim Wilson – Health
  • Diallo Rabain – Education
  • Wayne Furbert – Economic Development and Diversification
  • Renee Ming – National Security
  • Lt. Col. David Burch – Public Works
  • Kathy Simmons – Attorney General
  • Curtis Dickinson – Finance
  • Jason Hayward – Labour
  • Walter Roban – Home Affairs
  • Rolfe Commissiong – Community Affairs and Sports

New Senators

  • Owen Darrell
  • Curtis Richardson
  • Arianna Hodgson
  • Lindsay Simmons
  • Rolfe Commissiong

Update 4.55pm: Premier David Burt’s remarks:

Thank you Your Excellency. Good afternoon to colleagues, family and friends. Thank you for coming to Government House today.

One week ago Bermudians were presented with a choice of who would bear the heavy responsibility for rebuilding this economy and reviving the livelihoods of our people. As the results have indicated, the choice made was clear and unambiguous.

The mandate of trust that has been emphatically expressed by the people of Bermuda is both humbling and inspiring. Humbling because I believe that our message of steady leadership is one that inspires confidence in our abilities and commitment. Inspiring because in so strong an expression of democratic will, there is an inherent hope that the vision presented will have every opportunity to succeed.

The 30 men and women who made up the Government’s legislative team prior to the election worked day and night for just over three years as a united group, in our efforts to put Bermudians first. I wish to thank every one of them for that effort and that service. I pay special homage to former MP and former Attorney-General Michael Scott, and I also must remember our dear departed colleague Walton Brown who tragically passed a year ago today.

With some new faces, especially in the Senate, that legislative team is now 35 and my hope is that, as our seniors rightly say: ‘many hands will make light work’.

First let me announce the ministers who will continue to serve in the Cabinet.

Minister Walter Roban, JP, MP will continue as Deputy Premier and Minister of Home Affairs, to usher in the renewable energy revolution.

Minister Curtis Dickinson, JP, MP will continue to serve in the Cabinet as Minister of Finance, focussing his energy on our economic recovery.

Minister Kathy Lynn Simmons, JP, MP will continue to serve in the Cabinet as the Attorney-General, and I have asked her to turn special attention to legal and constitutional reform.

Minister Kim Wilson, JP, MP will continue to serve in Cabinet as Minister of Health, focussed on implementing universal healthcare.

Minister Diallo Rabain, JP, MP will continue to serve in the Cabinet as Minister of Education, to finish the work that has been started in the phasing out of middle schools.

Minister David Burch, JP, MP will continue to serve in the Cabinet as Minister of Public Works, and will be focussed on upgrading the country’s infrastructure.

Minister Renee Ming, JP, MP will continue to serve in the Cabinet as the Minister of National Security, and to redouble our efforts in tackling the root causes of crime.

Minister Wayne Furbert, JP, MP will continue to serve in the Cabinet as the Minister for the Cabinet Office dedicated to economic development and diversification which, of course, as we know, is vital for our economic recovery.

Before I speak to the additions, I would like to thank the Members of the House of Assembly who will no longer be serving in the Cabinet. Former Ministers Lovitta Foggo and Neville Tyrrell are owed a debt of gratitude for their service and this change of responsibility is by no means a cue to relax on the backbench.

Minister Foggo in particular gave excellent service during the pandemic working so hard to implement the unemployment benefit and I have enjoyed her counsel over the last 39 months. I am grateful that MP Foggo and MP Tyrrell have accepted other assignments and remain committed to supporting the Government as we execute our agenda. With MP Foggo agreeing to accept the chairmanship of the Bermuda Land Development Company and also chair of the Bermuda Airport Authority. MP Tyrrell accepting to serve as chair for the West End Development Corporation.

To the new ministers, following a successful tenure as Chairman of the Bermuda Airport Authority in addition to serving for over two years as Government Whip, and as Shadow Minister of Transport before that, I have invited, and he has accepted the invitation, MP Lawrence Scott to join the Cabinet as the Minister of Transport.

Social inclusion is important and vital, especially as we as a country work through the economic challenges as a result of the pandemic. I have asked MP Tinee Furbert to join the Cabinet as the Minister for Social Development and Seniors. Minister Furbert will be responsible for our Seniors, Child and Family Services, Disability Services, Youth Development and the Human Rights Commission.

Given the fact that all previous Government Senators were elected to the House of Assembly, I have asked former MP Rolfe Commissiong to lead the Government’s senate team and join the Cabinet as the Minister of Community Affairs and Sports.

As the Governor indicated, he will now issue the oaths to the respective ministers, that would be the A-G and the three new ministers.

Thank you Governor and congratulations to the new ministers. Just a minor clarification, as I went over the list of ministers who remain, the Minister of Labour will also remain in the Cabinet and continue the vital work which is necessary required to ensure that expand the workforce in Bermuda during difficult economic times.

With each of the five former Government Senators now elected to the House of Assembly, a completely new team must be appointed to fill their shoes. Under the leadership of now Senator Commissiong, who having served in the House of Assembly for seven years will be able to provide the required guidance, I have invited the following persons to serve in the Senate as Junior Ministers:

Mr. Owen Darrell, who will serve Senator and Junior Minister for the Cabinet Office, Education, and Public Works;

Mr. Curtis Richardson, Senator and Junior Minister for Transport, Health, and National Security;

Ms. Arianna Hodgson, Senator and Junior Minister for Community Affairs & Sport and Labour; and finally

Ms. Lindsay Simmons, Senator and Junior Minister for Social Development and Seniors and Home Affairs.

I will now ask the Governor to issue the oaths.

Congratulations Junior Ministers.

Thank you HE and congratulations Junior Ministers.

There may have been much to disagree with during the election campaign, but one thing is clear, all Bermudians know that there is an immense amount of work to be done and they rightly expect the Government they elected to do it.

The mandate of 2020 is a heavy one and Ministers charged with delivering on behalf of the people of Bermuda in line with our election platform will be assisted in their duties by parliamentary colleagues.

This is not unprecedented as in many jurisdictions, backbenchers are engaged to assist Ministers on certain initiatives – again, I remind, ‘many hands make light work’. I can only pick 11 persons from the House of Assembly to serve in Cabinet, but the scale of work is so immense that it will require more than what those 11 can do themselves.

The Government is spoiled for talent – so I am grateful and the people of Bermuda should know that the entire Government team will be engaged to work and to deliver on your behalf.

Whilst the public push and imperative is the rebuilding of the economy, this must be done in concert with the strengthening of our families and caring for society’s most vulnerable. Just as finance and economic development need dedicated ministerial level oversight, so must our social services. We promised to rebuild Bermuda with Bermudians at heart and we must ensure that we have a more inclusive society. That heart for the people must form a big part of what we do.

Before the impact of COVID-19 and the advent of a culture of masks and physical distancing, we had set Bermuda on a path to fiscal sustainability and renewed economic growth. That mission is unchanged. And though it may be a little bit more difficult we have a strong, diverse, and united team, backed with the support of the people and have no doubt, this Government has the will to do what is required.

Let me close by thanking all those who offered themselves for public service. Thank you also to the families who provide the invaluable support which makes what we all do that much easier. Sadly the pandemic has limited attendance today, but I’d like to thank all of the families, all of the branch workers, all of those who work behind the scenes and never get the credit or do not get acknowledged.

This team is your team, this team is Bermuda’s team, and now it is time for this team to get to work.

Congratulations all and thank you.

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  1. comfortably numb says:

    Rolfe is back. Presumably David ‘of which’ Burt wasn’t being serious when he referred to Rolfe’s harassment issue as serious?

  2. wing nut says:

    Mr Jet blue gets transport….
    And mouth piece ralph is being rewarded.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      You sort of beat me to it.
      One stepped down in disgrace only 2 months ago and never even ran in the election is now a minister and the other who was fired for pretending that he was a boss man and hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing is now a minister too.
      After this I don’t expect to hear another peep about jetgate.

    • Ringmaster says:

      Already the bus service is failing, Didn’t take long.

  3. sandgrownan says:

    Ignoring the personalities for a moment, let’s just ponder the absurdity of this. Bermuda is 27 or so miles long, has population of what, 60,000 or so?

    Time now to cut the number of MP’s in half, and the same with Cabinet Ministers. We do not need a cabinet of 13, nor do we need 36 MP’s. It’s nonsense.

    Then, cut the civil service by at least a third. We don’t want it, don’t need it, and thanks to the PLP status quo, can’t afford it.

    • Ronue Cann says:

      Show some respect these elected officials where just sworn in today…and already you have started the rhetoric. .smdh.

      • sage says:

        Rolf was elected?

      • sandgrownan says:

        It’s the absurdity of the election. A waste of time, effort and money that we don’t have.

    • Paul says:

      I think Rolf should have been made minister of home security.

      • Question says:

        And banking

        • Paul says:

          Go rolf,you are the man of the hour,everyone that heard of your oppointment is still in shock. especially the females.

    • Don’t be silly, you are raining on the plp parade and party!
      As you can see by the pics attached to this article there is quite a lot of excitement going on with the new Cabinet Members, Senate members and Junior Ministers who all will now be feeding at the trough! :)

      The problem is, there is an ever shrinking tax base to pay for it…people fleeing the island ( I left 2 yrs ago ) along with the more and more finding themselves unemployed ( I know of at least 50 job losses in the last 7 days ) along with at least 3 more retailers closing by the end of the year!

      Rock on PLP!!

  4. Ninja says:

    sandgrowan have some patience and respect for the elected officials that were sworn in today…already you are running your mouth with such unwanted rhetoric…smdh

    • sandgrownan says:

      It’s the absurdity of the election. A waste of time, effort and money that we don’t have.

    • Question says:

      We’re talking about Rolfe, not elected officials.

  5. Ninja says:

    Here we go with the rhetoric…sandgrowan don’t be such a hater as only time will tell.

  6. Paul says:

    I think Rolf should have been made minister of home security.

  7. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    Here we go again,guess who’s back in Friends and Family!

  8. kevin says:

    Saying for 2020 “It is what it is ” You get what you voted for , sure hope in 4+ years we can still say that there is hope.
    I don’t have any high expectations actually i have no expectations. I can only hope we don’t sink even deeper but if History has any impact we could be at $4 billion in debt very quickly
    I wish them Good Luck but thats what we may need

  9. Vida Smith says:


    • Now Ya Nice says:

      Yes your right the PLP won and a handful of people will benefit, most will fund it and we will all pay for it.

      This is not a foitball game orbteam you are rooting for.

  10. vortex says:

    Are you kidding me?
    Bank robber, harrasser
    Burt, have you lost your mind?
    And I voted PLP last week.

  11. Vortex says:

    Well that might be true, but Wrongun Rolfe?

  12. Tea Leaves says:

    I’m so glad I voted FDM. Burt must have bought Rolfe off with the promise of senate seat and leadership plus a cabinet salary. Wonder Rolfe has on him. Notice the distancing of Zane and Jamal, Burt’s going to throw them to the man, can see it coming from miles away.

  13. Warrior says:

    I am with others in questioning..nope with concerns ‘re Rolf.. a. Likes to draw attention with his mouth, b. Feels he is never wrong… why didn’t he and speaker address his last situation with the Premier c. What else has he not shared

    Minister of Education remaining…. ring the school bell. Close schools, no leave them open. Offer this curriculum, no let’s put this in, No. Let’s add the is, Ok. No, not working, take that out. Principal’s scratching their heads, teachers in near rebellion, parents dear parents and students. Your queries, comments, meetings, concerns all for bought. No confidence vote around the Island, hear it everywhere there is to hear it. Premier Burt, Mr. Weeks was Sports Minister before and did a great job and he was appreciated and respected. Two weak masters at the helms of their ships, rebellion has started.

  14. Fisherman says:

    Congratulations to the Junior Senators. Bermudian both home and abroad are watching and listening. Let he who has no wisdom, ask.

  15. Jolly says:

    I’m sorry DB you made the wrong decision !
    Lovitta deserves her ministry back! She cares for the people.
    She received the most votes and works very hard . She’s the only reason PLP got my vote .


    • LOL says:

      BIU/PLP always saying something we all know is false Foggo received ….people lie numbers don’t.

      737 votes 2017
      663 votes 2020

  16. Paul says:

    To all fathers out there,have you had your daughter or wife complain about sexual harrasement comments to them ?
    I implore the Premier to recind this position regarding Rolfe .