OBA: ‘Premier Has Shown Total Disregard’

October 9, 2020

“The Premier in his very first act as the newly elected government has been tone deaf” and the Premier “has shown total disregard for the feelings and wellbeing of the people he promised to protect.”

This was from the OBA following the appointment of Rolfe Commissiong to the Senate and Cabinet, with the now Senator Commissiong set to serve as the Minister of Community and Sports.

Rolfe Commissiong Appointed After Stepping Down Before The Election

Rolfe Commissiong, a former MP, stepped down as a candidate in late August before the election saying, “I made a comment I shouldn’t have. I made a mistake, I apologized. For the good of the party, and Bermudians who deserve strong leadership in these trying times, I have chosen not to be a distraction. To that end, I will not be a candidate in the general election.

“The affected party and I entered into a legally binding confidentiality agreement which prohibits me from speaking further. The matter has been settled and it is closed.”

Yesterday he was appointed to both the Senate and Cabinet; where he will serve as the Government Senate Leader and the Minister of Community Affairs and Sports, and his appointment has been criticized by people on social media, and the Social Justice Bermuda group have called for “this selection to be rescinded.”

Yesterday Premier Burt said, “The matter in question was addressed via an established protocol administered within the Public Service and the department in question. I have not been made privy to the specific file on the issue, as it is not something to which I would have access, but the assurances given to me by those charged with addressing what was an inappropriate comment indicate that this issue was resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.”

The exact nature of the “inappropriate comment” has not been made public by any official entities at this time.

Rolfe Commisiong Bermuda Oct 9 2020 TWFB

OBA Statement

An OBA spokesperson said, “The PLP in its election platform professed to advocate for the vulnerable. However, the Premier in his very first act as the newly elected government has been tone deaf and in denial about the impact his decision has had.

“The Premier, the Speaker of the House, and the Party Whip were all aware of this matter and have not responded responsibly to this issue.

“The Premier has shown total disregard for the feelings and wellbeing of the people he promised to protect. Prior to the election the Premier stated that this issue ‘is something that I take very seriously’ leading to Mr. Commissiong stepping down and giving up his seat not to distract from the 2020 General Election.

“This poor sense of judgement is on the back of the $800,000 loan which has yet to be resolved and is indicative of a pattern of poor judgement, questionable integrity, and ethics.

“In the end, the outcome will be Bermudians will have to pay for these judgement lapses and only continues to erode an already fragile economy.

“The Premier has 30 MPs to choose from; Mr. Commissiong’s appointment is an insult to the intelligence and ability of the elected members.

“How are the women in the Upper and Lower House, on both sides, meant to feel by this egregious blunder? Do they have a voice?

“If the Premier’s mistake is going to be overturned, the women must exercise their voice – all Bermudians must exercise their voice.

“All the fathers, self-respecting men, mothers, daughter, brothers, cousins, friends, and the community at large must join with women to speak about the travesty of the Premiers decision. Premier David Burt do the right thing – make that change.”

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  1. Independent concerns says:

    I would like to know how the OBA can criticize this appointment after The honourable Mr. Cannonaire stood down and was reappointed and now sits as the leader of the OBA again? Perhaps Bermuda voted the against him being Premier again. After all Bermuda never voted for the honourable Mr. Dunkley to be Premier either. In fact they voted against him twice!!!

    *I say honourable in good faith

    • Vortex says:

      Ok, let me explain something to you.

      Jetgate was a political donation to the OBA for a potential hotel pitch. It was wrong, but frankly the bedrock upon which the PLP have governed for 20 years. Back scratching, mates rates – call it what you will.

      Sexual harassment and robbing banks are in a different league, abhorrent and disgusting. This man has no place in a Bermudian democracy and if you can’t see the difference, there is nothing honourable about you.

      That’s why. It is shocking that this isn’t a national disgrace. People should be marching over this.

    • Hey says:

      That was over a party donation not to the party account. An oversight saw it paid into one of the people that was at the meeting’s account and was used As intended to pay for election campaign incurred expenses. The OBA and Cannonier thought that the error of judgement did not reflect well on the Party at the time. It was private money, that was used for the purposes it was intended, but should have initially been paid into the party account. It was a stupid mistake and hurt no one but Cannonier himself. Rolfe on the other Hopefully you are not blinded and are able to see the difference.

      • swing voter says:

        The definition of the oba=UBP:



        • Hey says:

          Am not OBA.

          You know….

          You can read the full investigation by the OBA which resulted in Cannonier resigning. It’s there on the internet. I read it a few weeks back. The link was in an old news article.

          Why do the public not know the truth about Rolfe. A private non disclosure agreement as part of an out of court settlement. Someone got paid to be quiet, what can be so bad, that someone needs to be paid off!, it stinks, it stinks it stinks that Burt chose to ignore the reality.

          Where was the investigation on Port Royal, why were the COI investigations not followed up by the DPP and at Attorney general when the PLP won in 2017. Why did Savvy Entertainment take so long to be investigated by the police. Seems like there was an attempt to hide it from us by the PLP. Who really got paid. Money should be traceable.

        • REAL TALK says:

          The OBA is the One Broken Alliance.

    • trufth says:

      Buddy – FOCUS! Can you not read? This isn’t about you or your constant hate for all things OBA. We get it. Give it a freaking break! You are beginning to sound extremely unintelligent.

  2. Boston Whaler Owner says:

    I can see big problems for the plp coming real soon unless they remove Commissiong .

  3. Let"s Keep It Real says:

    I think it is time that many of those backbenchers need to consider crossing the isle. It is an insult to all that talent that has once again been overlooked, or previously demoted. I thought for sure Christopher Famous for all the hard work he has put in would be promoted along with Weeks, Caines, DeSilva. Mathematically if 12-13 were to cross isle and negotiate with the current opposition( if they are willing to rebrand themselves) or the FDM. Unfortunately what we have now days is there is no Statemen in the party offer leadership and guidance. We use to have Statesmen like Morton, Burrows, Lowe, Simmons, Cox and others.

    • hmmm says:

      No what needs to happen is for the OBA to pull the life support. The voters can vote FDM and depart from a party who changed it’s name to run away from it’s racist past.

  4. Young_One says:

    Women of Bermuda deserve better than this, but nothing will happen, no marching on Cabinet the first day of Senate, no emailing daily the premier, cabinet secretary, and your MP, nothing will happen. The disrespect the premier has shown to Simmons, Wilson, Ming, Furbert, Simmons, and Hodgson, that he doesn’t care how uncomfortable they will feel working with this man. I would suggest that any woman that needs to meet with rolfe never take a meeting him alone. Ask for someone to sit in on the meeting and if no one is available to postpone it until someone is available or use Zoom.

  5. Imjustsaying says:


  6. I think Dunkley is correct, Rolfe has to have something on Burt!

  7. Triangle Drifter says:

    So, he is unfit to be a member of the the lower house but perfectly suitable to be a member of the upper house.

    Ya sure….something really stinks here.

  8. Enough says:

    What is sad is that if this was the other way around all heck would have broken out. We still need to find out where almost one million dollars is that was basically given away by our present government. Don’t let’s forget that in all the commotion ok. Wait it won’t be long until DeSilva and Caines are back.

  9. trufth says:

    Dear Women of Bermuda,

    We don’t care what you think.
    We had to deceive you.
    You are 2nd class citizens.
    Thank you for voting us back into power.

    Your PLP

  10. Remaining neutral says:

    Unfortunately No man is an island and they are all imperfect we need to work together and get the best fit for Bermuda wether they be PLP FDM OBA or UBP. These are VERY trying times and if you stop bickering and work together for a better Bermuda and listen they all have valid input.

    The only way the government will be for the people is if we the people pick each of them independently on merit and force them to work together.

    No withstanding that what’s our next move Rolf is gone mistake corrected NEXT

  11. Charlly X says:

    Lol funny how yuh Crew b hiding behind yuh pen names n tryna Rev up the conversation… Funny how the voters dejected u N now U speak the truth after the race . If you had fixed up yuh Car to run properly , gotten a new driver and better pit crew ??? Then maybe you you could have been A contender … The only fans you have now are the ones that will never support the other Team . Obviously it’s time to pack it in and Support the other Rider d one who had d kitted up Vespa . They definitely have better Movements. I see a bright future for them. N d only reason d Other team called a race so early cause dey knew d Jet crew were operating on fumes and dey heard n seen d guy running d Vespa knowing He’d be Trouble if fully established .
    One thing else “” Who Moved My Cheese”"??