Oct 23 – 31: Bermuda Catamaran & Yacht Week

October 14, 2020

The Bermuda Catamaran & Yacht Week will be held from October 23 to 31, with the events set to include a Catamaran Flotilla, Marina Nights, Catamaran Rally, Breakfast & Bubbles Cruise, Spirit of Bermuda Dinner Cruise, and Float-up Movie.

A BTA spokesperson said, “Visitors and residents are encouraged to reclaim summer in the middle of fall. It’s a pandemic-era, rallying call to action from the Bermuda Tourism Authority [BTA], as Bermuda Catamaran & Yacht Week is set to launch October 23 to 31.

“The weekend-to-weekend promotion is a collaboration of the island’s boat-charter operators and marinas, event planners, and caterers. It’s also a cornerstone of a 2020 series of promotions by the BTA, designed to stimulate spending from residents while engaging visitors as traveller volume gradually grows.

“BTA ‘inside-out’ campaigns through the pandemic have included the Great Bermuda Takeout, Independent Retailer Month, Bermuda Racquet Week, Bermuda Golf Week, the Alfresco Dining Festival, and Staycation Month.

Bermuda Catamaran & Yacht Week Oct 2020

“Catamaran & Yacht Week, filled with summer-like activities, is strategically placed in the October calendar to overlap with the influx of visitors for sailing’s Bermuda Gold Cup, golf’s Bermuda Championship, and rugby’s inaugural World Tens Series. All three sporting events start between October 24 to 26 and run through the end of the month.

“The line-up of ‘reclaim summer’ activities during Catamaran & Yacht Week includes:

  • Oct 23 | Catamaran Flotilla: Take to the Great Sound aboard a sailing catamaran for a sunset flotilla with summertime cocktails
  • Oct 23 | Marina Nights: Marinas at the Hamilton Princess and Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club are your venues for the ultimate happy hour—choose yours
  • Oct 24 | Catamaran Rally: Rallying together on the water aboard your favourite sailing cat, with food and beverage for the day included
  • Oct 25 | Breakfast & Bubbles Cruise: Board a sporty yacht and enjoy a traditional Bermuda Sunday breakfast of codfish and potatoes, matched with champagne and a leisurely cruise
  • Oct 30 | Spirit of Bermuda Dinner Cruise: Aboard Bermuda’s iconic sailing yacht, experience a steak-and-seafood local harvest dinner, appointed with sophisticated flair
  • Oct 31 | Float-up Movie: Catch a past-year, family-friendly summer blockbuster from your boat off Hawkins Island [or buy a seat with a local charter] and bask in this distinctly Bermudian Halloween

“More Catamaran & Yacht Week events are taking shape, including a new nightlife event. All activities will adhere to strict COVID guidelines.”

“We are energised by this opportunity for our stakeholders to reclaim revenue lost this summer due to COVID-19 and for travellers to reclaim some of the adventure they couldn’t access,” said Glenn Jones, Interim CEO and Chief Experience Development Officer.

“Bermuda is safer than just about any destination welcoming visitors and offers a climate our target audience finds desirable. This gives the island a golden opportunity to set itself apart with open-air experiences that are distinct to our island lifestyle and COVID-safe.”

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  1. Onion Jizz says:

    Well what is in it for me? This sounds like another AC to me!

    • JohnnyB says:

      Entertainment and fun which you seem to be lacking in your life

  2. Thrilled to see resumption of tourism on the island. Bermuda should continue to promote it’s #2 status of Covid free places on the planet. The Governments of Bermuda and Canada are doing an awesome job.
    We came from Canada, after taking our tests, enjoying ourselves so much we hate to go home.
    Wish I could stay long enough to enjoy the SPIRIT OF BERMUDA event and encourage all to partake with masks.