Request For Proposal: Food Concessions In City

October 14, 2020 | 5 Comments

The City of Hamilton is seeking new food concession vendors for several City parks and other areas.

A spokesperson said, “In an effort to enhance the vibrancy of the City and to continue to cater to the working public, the City of Hamilton is seeking new food concession vendors for several City parks and other areas.

“Interested vendors may obtain the RFP document by emailing The document gives a comprehensive scope of the locations on offer, listing their dimensional parameters, costs as well as utility availability.

“Bids for consideration must be received via email at no later than Monday, November 23rd, 2020 at 5:00pm. For any questions regarding this RFP please email Tamara Bradshaw at or call 292-1234 ext. 224.

Food Truck Bermuda Oct 14 2020

“Interested parties are eligible to bid on one or multiple pre-approved spaces. Applicants are requested to frame their proposals in such a way as to protect the environmental integrity of the surrounding area.

“Locations have been identified in Queen Elizabeth Park, Victoria Park, Dr. E.F. Gordon Square in North Hamilton, Laffan Street and on Front Street in the seating area adjacent to No. 1 Car Park to the east [former horse canopy area].

“Existing food concession locations currently occupied by contracted vendors are not included in this Request for Proposal.

“The public is reminded that the Corporation of Hamilton is not bound to accept the lowest or any bid.”

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  1. Steve Thomson says:

    Well done City of Hamilton.
    Food trucks, buskers, Reid street pedestrianized, restaurant on Albuoys point, mid tier business hotel in the center of Hamilton, parking
    Lot under city hall parking lot and make a park on the surface with fountains and benches, bars that can serve outside as the pubs do in London.
    Food trucks: taco truck and waffle truck… late.

    • What about my restaurant says:

      Unreal! I run a restaurant in Front Street and this will take customers from me! We are already hurting and now this will be the nail in our coffin! Job losses on the way you idiots!

    • That Guy says:

      Don’t panic. It will all disappear once our Governement takes over.

  2. Dejavu says:

    Who is gonna pay the $10,000 for the permit? That’s why there isn’t more food trucks on the island

  3. Question says:

    The shops are gradually closing and being boarded up, and we’re left with trying to persuade people to sell food from carts.

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