RA Issues Bulk Generation Procurement Rules

October 28, 2020

The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda has today issued an “Order detailing the Bulk Generation Procurement Rules to be followed for the procurement of all bulk generation projects in Bermuda.”

A spokesperson said, “The procurement rules are intended to be efficient, transparent, simple to use and lead to the implementation of bulk generation projects that best meet the purposes of the Electricity Act 2016 and the objectives set out in the Integrated Resource Plan [IRP] in the most cost-effective way for endusers. Procurement will be initiated by the RA in accordance with the plan laid out in the current IRP.

“The Order is effective immediately and is in accordance with the Regulatory Authority Act 2011 and the Transmission, Distribution and Retail Licence. To view the Bulk Generation Procurement Rules, visit the RA’s website at www.ra.bm.”

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  1. Kathy says:

    “The procurement rules are intended to be efficient, transparent, simple to use.”

    I am afraid to tell you that they are NOT!

    The rest of the world is steaming forward towards renewable energy futures. The Bermudian people, who have voted in the past and the majority are in favour of a transition towards 100% renewable sustainable energy, are once again being hoodwinked by protectionist regulations that were most likely written in conjunction with the TD&R’s input.

    Bermuda needs to post a “we are open for business” sign, a “we REALLY want you to come and invest and create jobs in the renewable energy sector” sign, a sign that says “our legislation and regulations welcome you”.

    We, the Bermudian people, see NONE OF THAT!!! Are we just sitting back waiting to sink and swim so a handful of investors in the TD&R get to run the energy sector?