Covid-19 Protocols For Black Friday Sales

November 3, 2020

Chief Executive Officer Kendaree Burgess and Retail Division Chair Lorraine Shailer of the Bermuda Chamber of Commerce “have successfully negotiated the terms and conditions under which Black Friday retail events can take place in a Covid environment.”

A spokesperson said, “The Bermuda Chamber of Commerce Chief Executive Officer, Kendaree Burgess, and Retail Division Chair, Lorraine Shailer have successfully negotiated the terms and conditions under which Black Friday retail events can take place in a COVID environment.

“With support from the Department of Health, it is imperative retailers continue to comply and follow existing guidelines. Additionally, as Black Friday events usually attract volumes of people, it is important retailers incorporate the following additional protocols:


  • Mask wearing
  • Hand sanitizing
  • Monitoring of social distancing within the store especially if queuing ensues

Required additional protocol:

  • Spread out events over a few days where possible to maximize the possibility of uptake, but minimize the need for crowds to rush in to take advantage of promotions
  • A member of staff on the door to:
    • Monitor numbers entering the store and that capacity is kept at a safe number [square footage/6]
    • Mask wearing
    • Hand sanitizing is taking place
    • Contact tracing information is collected – this can be done with the collection of business cards or ready-made forms similar to restaurants or make it part of any advertising so customers can arrive prepared with the necessary information
    • Queues be appropriately managed [6ft gaps between shoppers]
  • Opening hours to be kept within 6am-10pm
  • Within any advertising for Black Friday events, advertising must include a friendly reminder regarding COVID protocols such as social distancing and contact tracing.

Ms. Burgess said, “We are incredibly pleased to continue the support of Bermuda’s retail sector by successfully confirming Black Friday sales events can take place.

“The Chamber of Commerce Retail Division has worked diligently on behalf of its’ members to ensure these events take place. We encourage all residents to support retailers during the Black Friday sales period, while maintaining COVID protocols.”

The spokesperson said, “For further information regarding the Black Friday event details, please contact the Chamber of Commerce at 441-295-4201 [extension 1] or email”

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  1. Sailboat says:

    When is Black Friday

  2. ImJustSayin says:

    Come on people look at the crap, monitor people’s movement, wear your mask, sanitize your hands, Stay 6 feet apart. Can you all see the big picture here? Don’t be as blind as our leaders. They all want you to except this as the norm next there will be microchipping, digital currency, you want be allowed to go to work without being tested. That’s just a few. The power is in the people. You just need to do your own research and not listening to mainstream media they are only filling your mind with lies and propaganda. Please wake up before its to late.