Ignite Announces Cohort Application Dates

January 21, 2021

The application for the next cohort of Ignite Bermuda’s Accelerator Programme will be available online from January 25 through February 5.

A spokesperson said, “Ignite Bermuda continues to make an impact on the local entrepreneurial landscape. A few short months ago, a total of 44 entrepreneurs representing 34 startups at various stages of development began their journey as members of Ignite’s third cohort.

“The programme pivoted online at the midway point for the previous cohort earlier in 2020 however Cohort 3 is the first to receive Ignite’s curriculum primarily through digital platforms, as well as welcoming seven non-profit leaders to the mix for the first time.

Ignite Bermuda Accelerator Programme Jan 2021 3

“Ignite continues to champion the importance of ongoing personal development for each individual entrepreneur, with this cohort showcasing the importance of having an entrepreneurial mindset and a strong sense of resilience.

“Cohort 3 began their Ignite journey in the midst of our many ongoing global challenges, and despite the restraints posed by Covid 19, they rose to the challenge to solve problems.

“Cohort 3 has shown steadfast focus during a challenging period, providing critical community support and as a result Ignite continues to encourage applications from local charities and their leaders for the accelerator programme.”

Director Sean Reel said, “Bermuda is blessed with some amazing community leaders in the Not for Profit sector and their investment in developing their skills will have a massive impact on the community and its resilience.”

Ignite Bermuda Accelerator Programme Jan 2021 1

Patrina O’Connor Paynter said, “As a veteran in the not-for-profit community, more doors have opened for BBBS. We have a larger network and formed new partnerships – we have been given the tools to guarantee success.

“We have also learned how to pivot if needed and not be afraid to do so. We have learned how to navigate through uncertain times which is awesome especially since we are in the middle of a pandemic.”

Entrepreneur Tori Moniz of Recipe Box said, “Honestly, I wasn’t really sure what to expect coming in. There have been so many times that I want or feel like I need to quit, think my business will fail and just generally doubt everything but Ignite laid things out like building blocks and gave me the ability to look at my business a piece at a time rather than being overwhelmed.”

Ignite Bermuda Accelerator Programme Jan 2021 2

Ignite Manager and entrepreneurial enabler, Laura Lyons, said, “For many, entrepreneuring is an exciting space but it can also feel very lonely. A benefit of joining Ignite is you gain an entrepreneurial family of 200+ community leaders and realise that you are not alone. We also provide access to an ecosystem whose aim is to both support and help the entrepreneur turn red lights to green.

“Our process of enablement is focused on helping the entrepreneurs solve challenges in their own way, working to their strengths and gaining self-awareness on where they might need to focus their skill building. By developing a growth mindset, we are better prepared when we hit the inevitable red light and more capable of taking the opportunity to rethink, learn, and pivot if necessary.”

The spokesperson said, “The application for the next cohort will be available online from January 25th through February 5th, 2021. More information about Ignite Bermuda’s Accelerator Programme can be found via www.ignitebermuda.com.”

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