Restaurant Weeks Review: Island Brasserie

January 26, 2021

[Written by Mikaela Ian Pearman]

My second stop for Restaurant Weeks was Island Brasserie at Rosewood Bermuda. I always make a stop here for RW because I’m guaranteed to have a delicious dinner.

Chef Gerry Adam’s explained to me that the menu included special Bermudian ingredients such as goat cheese from James Tucker, fresh fish from Tiko Inghram and honey from Passion Fields. Needless to say, I was very excited for what was to come.

For the first course, I ordered Bermuda Onion soup, which is not to be confused with the typical French Onion Style Soup. This one was creamy, decadent and luxurious with onion purée and gruyere croutons. I would happily order this again and again.

For the mains, I went with Pan Roasted Snapper Francaise with scallion mashed potatoes, garlic broccolini, lemon butter sauce and crisp capers. This dish was a flavor explosion with every bite. The fish was well seasoned and seared perfectly while the mashed potatoes were creamy with a little crunch from the scallions.

The lemon butter sauce and crisp capers added even more flavor to the dish – that umami flavour a lot of dishes just don’t have. It would have been delicious without the capers and the sauce but those two additions made it wow.

For dessert, I decided to try the Caramelized Bermuda Honey Cake with honey ice cream and orange salad. If you like honey, this dessert is for you. The honey flavour came through in every single bite but wasn’t overly sweet. The ice cream also had honey bursting through and was a great complement to the dish.

Overall, this was an incredible evening out. I would happily eat everything I ordered again and again. If you haven’t checked out Island Brasserie yet, please put them on your list of must-dos before Restaurant Weeks finishes.

*Island Brasserie is in the $52 category.


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