Photos: Fat Tire Massive Race At Lagoon Park

February 8, 2021

[Updated with photos] The Bermuda Fat Tire Massive 2020/2021 Mountain Bike Race Series season resumed at Lagoon Park in the west end.

Robin Horsfield made a welcome return to the Bermuda mountain bike scene winning the male open 60 minute race with a time of 51:26.1, which saw him complete 8 laps, one lap down was the second-place finisher Alexander Miller who clocked 51:15.6, and Alan Potts finished third with a time of 52:07.7.

Cassandra McPhee won the Female Open 60 minute race that covered the course 5 times clocking 45:07.3, Jennifer Wilson was second in a time of 48:36.6, and Ashley Robinson finished third with a time of 51:04.3.

Kent Richardson clocked a 4 lap time of 32:43.8, on his way to winning the Male Open 30 minute race, Nico Davis finished second in a time of 33:48.5, and Michael Terceira was clocked at 34:08.3 to finish 3rd.


The Fem Open 30 minute race was won by Caroline Wright who had a 3 lap time of 30:10.5, Christine Soutter was second in 30:11.0, and Zina Jones rounded out the top three finishers in a time of 31:00.0.

The 13-16 Male Division saw all competitors complete 4 laps, Jackson Langley clocked a winning time of 34:09.4, Gordon Smith was second in 35:22.8, and Tyler Coleman finished in 3rd place with 36:17.4.

S’Nya Cumbermack won the 13-16 Female Age Group race with a 3 lap time of 35:11.4, with Zylah Bean finishing second completing 2 laps in 31:44.5.

James McFarlane won the 12 & under Male Division race when he crossed the line in a 5 lap time of 18:11.4, Reeve Johnston was second also completing 5 laps in 19:08.8, and Makao Butterfield completed 4 laps in a time of 15:21.8.

During the 12 & Under Female 15 minute race, Kelsie Wade clocked 4 lap winning time of 17:26.0, Daisy Langley finished second completing the same amount of laps with a time of 19:27.8, and Milan Gibbons-Thomas completed 3 laps in a time of 16:09.9.

The Full Fat Tire Massive Mountain Bike Race Lagoon Park results follow below [PDF here]:

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