$3,000 Prize: City Marquee Sign Design Contest

March 17, 2021

The City of Hamilton is inviting local artists and groups to participate in the “Bermuda” Marquee Sign Design Contest, with the winner set to receive $3,000, with the contest portion for the design element only, not for the fabrication or installation of the art.

A spokesperson said, “Could you be the designer of Bermuda’s most iconic public art installation?

“Today the City of Hamilton launched its “BERMUDA” Marquee Sign Design Contest and is seeking local artists, community groups and individuals to participate in an island-wide contest to conceptualize a design for a freestanding “BERMUDA” marquee sign. The contest is open to any and everyone in the community!

“The sign will be 6ft high, 3ft deep and 30ft wide and the prize for the selected design is $3,000.

“It should be noted that the contest is for the design element only, not for the fabrication or installation of the art. The City is currently looking into responsible fabrication options that are appropriate for the scope of the project. The City location for the installation is yet to be decided.”

The City’s Director of Marketing & Communications Jessica Astwood said, “For 2021, the City of Hamilton is continuing the VIVID: Public Art Initiative, with a focus on very pointed projects, one being this largescale “BERMUDA” marquee sign.

“With this project, we wanted to create an iconic sign that people would be drawn to and want to engage with – one that would also celebrate the local arts community and Bermudian culture.

“Our previous collaborations with the local arts community have proven extremely fruitful and we are excited to see what designs we get back with the marquee sign. The City looks forward to collaborating with our local art and design community to bring an installation like this to the City to complement the existing national identity of Bermuda.”

“There are several design specifications for this project:

  • “The design must be for a free-standing “BERMUDA” marquee sign.
  • “The dimensions for the installation are 6ft high, 35ft wide, 3ft deep – but are subject to change depending on the final selected design and plan for fabrication.
  • “The proposed design must enhance the surrounding City environment and inspire engagement with the local community and visitors to the island.
  • “The proposed design must tie-in the heritage of the City of Hamilton and have a nod to Bermuda culture to foster a sense of community pride.
  • “An interactive or functional element is preferred but not required.
  • “The design must be appropriate for visitors of all ages to view.

“The contest deadline is April 30th at 5 pm and the winning design will be announced on May 18th.

“The submitted design can be illustrated digitally, sketched, collaged, painted etc. However, all submissions for consideration must be formatted in a fashion that can be digitally translated for fabrication. One person may submit more than one design and this contest is open to all ages. Individual and group/association proposals are eligible and encouraged [e.g. art organizations, school groups etc.].

“All design submissions will be reviewed by the VIVID: Public Art Initiative committee, which consists of representatives from the City of Hamilton as well as industry experts. Designs will be selected based on criteria that align with the City’s mandate as set out on the City of Hamilton website www.cityofhamilton.bm.

“City of Hamilton employees or direct family members will not be permitted to submit. Furthermore, designs depicting commercial advertisement, or political or religious themes will not be eligible for consideration.

Required Submission Materials

  • “An illustration of your design – including but not limited to conceptual drawings, photos, sketches etc. that sufficiently communicate the concept.
  • “2-3 sentences explaining your design concept.
  • “Contest Entry Form available on the City of Hamilton website.
  • “A short bio about submitting group or individual.

“Please see below some inspirational images of similar artwork from around the world. For full contest details go to this link.”

Marquee Sign Sample Bermuda March 2021

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  1. Dejavu says:

    So instead of being orginal we copy as usual. This is why we have no identity and no one in this country is bermudian because no one can tell you what bermudian is or means. We dont even have a national anthem lol