69 New, 656 Active, 22 In Hospital, 5 In ICU

April 5, 2021 | 23 Comments

There were 3,234 test results received and 69 were positive for Covid-19 — 33 classified as local transmission with known contact and 36 as under investigation — so there are currently 656 active cases, of which 22 people are in hospital, with 5 in intensive care.

A Government spokesperson said, “There were 3,234 test results received by the Ministry of Health since the last update and 69 were positive for COVID-19, yielding a positivity rate of 2.1%.

“33 of the new cases are classified as local transmission with known contact as associated with known cases. The additional 36 new cases are classified as under investigation. These cases are among residents with no currently identified link to other known cases or history of travel in the past 14 days.

“Since the last update, there were 41 recoveries and two deaths.

“There are currently 656 active cases, of which:

  • 634 are under public health monitoring and
  • 22 are in hospital with 5 in intensive care.

“Since March 2020, Bermuda has 1469 total confirmed positive cases, out of these, 799 have recovered, and 14 people have sadly succumbed to COVID-19.

“The mean age of all confirmed positive cases is 41 years [median: 39 years] and the ages range from less than 1 year to greater than 100 years.

“The mean age of all currently active cases is 40 years [median: 39 years] and the ages range from less than 10 years [age group: 0-9 years] to greater than 80 years [age group: 80-100 years].

“The mean age of all hospitalized cases is 60 years [median: 57 years] and the ages range from less than 30 years [age group: 20-29 years] to greater than 80 years [age group: 80-100 years].

“The mean age of all deceased cases is 75 years [median: 77 years] and the ages range from less than 60 years [age group: 50-59 years] to greater than 80 years [age group: 80-100 years].

“The source of all cases is as follows:

  • 245 are Imported
  • 956 are classified as local transmission of which:
    • 864 are Local transmission with known contact/source and
    • 92 are Local transmission with an unknown contact/source
  • 268 are Under Investigation

“As investigations proceed, transmission categories may change. Today’s update has 22 cases moving from under investigation to local transmission with known contact/source.

“Of the over 200,000 test results reported, the mean age of all persons tested is 43 years [median:  42 years] and the ages range from less than 1 year to greater than 100 years.

“The seven-day average of our real time reproduction number is above 1 [1.38].

“Bermuda’s current WHO country status is “Community Transmission”.

“Since 19 March 2021, there have been 69 emergency room visits associated with the current outbreak among persons with COVID-19.

The Minister of Health Kim Wilson today stated, “The number of people testing positive for the coronavirus remains high and the public is reminded they should limit their social bubbles to their household and interact with others as little as possible. It is important to remember to wear a mask whenever you are out in public, maintain physical distancing and wash and sanitizer your hands regularly.

“Anyone who is in quarantine must not physically go to work, must not go to grocery stores and where possible work from home. Employers are reminded the law dictates that employees should continue to work from home, where possible. Employers cannot mandate that employees get tested for the coronavirus.

“My Ministry is hearing stories of employers who are demanding that their employees who are in quarantine get tested before 14 days, presumably in an effort to get them released from quarantine.

“As a reminder, if someone has been told to get tested on Day 14, then that is when they will be tested. Not before. There is a reason for this: the incubation period for COVID-19 is up to 14 days.”

Minister Wilson continued, “The Oral Health Clinic at the Hamilton Health Centre is currently closed, however the St. George’s Clinic is open for patient oral health emergencies.

“The public is reminded that if they have been tested, results will become available within 48 hours. Most times the results are received before then, however the Call Centre and the Molecular Diagnostic Lab are receiving queries within a few hours of people taking their tests.

“Those who have taken their test are urged to be patient and if persons must call to get their results, they should contact their doctor in the first instance, not the Call Centre or the Lab.

“The key point is to be patient. The lab is processing hundreds of tests a day and calls to the lab cause unnecessary delays”

Minister Wilson concluded, “As a reminder, walk-in vaccinations are available at Bermuda College between 8am and 9am for people over 65 years old only.

“The Ministry has received reports of people younger than 65 showing up to be vaccinated. If you are not 65 years old and would like to get vaccinated, go to coronavirus.gov.bm and register, if you have not already done so.

“Pop up testing started again today at Horseshoe Bay Beach and will continue on Wednesday 7 April between 4:30pm and 7:30pm.”

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As the island and world deals with the Covid-19 pandemic, we are doing our best to provide timely and accurate information, and you can find more information on the links below.

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  1. Great says:

    Kim Wilson: “ “Anyone who is in quarantine must not physically go to work, must not go to grocery stores and where possible work from home”. “Where possible”?

    This sloppy incoherent messaging is part of the problem. Why is she telling people in quarantine to “where possible” work from home? Shouldn’t people in quarantine stay at home at all times?

    We are in very serious situation right now, and there should be proper leadership. Instead we get mixed messages, no clarity, leadership by part-timers who show show up once a week to read badly prepared statements.

    • Jess says:

      But what about the vaccinated people, why are you making them quarantine?? What is the point in getting vaccinated?

      • Mitchell88 says:

        Several reasons. If you do contract the virus (no vaccine, ever is 100% effective), then there is much higher probability that you will survive; it will increase community immunity as the virus will struggle to find a ‘useful’ host; there is a high probability that the vaccine will actually work and you won’t contract the virus; it will be damn useful when you want to travel (the least of the reasons).

        You cannot contract the virus from the vaccine. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE. There are a few cases of blood clots forming after the Astrazeneca vaccine was administered. The occurrences are minuscule and far far below the numbers who, for example, develop clots as a result of taking birth control pills.

        Side effects of taking the vaccine are, on the whole, mild: a headache, a sore arm, a day or two of feeling a bit tired. Hardly reasons not to take it.

        No doubt someone’s Aunty in Smiths developed purple spots on her eyelids and her fingers fell off, but I would be wary of those who, for whatever reason, want to spread disinformation.

        • Portia says:

          Firstly, there are actually many vaccinated people in Bermuda right now who are contracting the virus and spreading it to others…at least 10% of the recent cases are of fully vaccinated people, likely higher, because that doesn’t count vaccinated people who haven’t been tested who picked up Covid and are now asymptotic spreaders.

          Secondly, it’s quite more than a “few” cases of blood clots…many countries in Europe are reporting many cases of blood clots, more than a “few” and significant enough that many countries have paused the rollout of the AstraZeneca vaccine altogether, while others have stopped giving it to people under 60. That is significant. Yet you choose to downplay the severity of that.

          How about this fact: the side effects of Covid, for the vast majority of people, are relatively mild, with a large amount of these recent cases being asymptotic and thankfully most folks will never end up near the hospital

      • Great says:

        I’m not putting them in quarantine. The government is. Although the message about it actually means is vague.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        “But what about the vaccinated people, why are you making them quarantine??”

        Because I can still be a carrier (I am fully vaccinated)

    • Unbelievable says:

      I don’t think it’s mixed messaging. It’s just bad wording. Stop nitpicking over two words: “where” and “possible”. Just stay home.

    • Rasta says:

      69 is a delicious number……

    • Ava says:

      Not everyone has a job they can do from home (e.g. waitress). So in that instance, although they must stay home due to quarantine they will be unable to work from home. Hence, “work from home WHERE POSSIBLE ”.

      If you look for fault in everything you are sure to find it.

      • Great says:

        If you’re in quarantine you’re supposed to stay at home.

        • NC says:

          It is poorly worded but I think the point is: stay home, definitely. Work if you can from home. If you can’t work from home, don’t work.

    • Kim Smith says:

      So what wording would you suggest would be better?

      • Great says:

        How about “If you are in quarantine you must not leave the house other than for an emergency”.

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      “and where possible work from home”

      What the Minister means is that those who can work from should do so in order to maintain our economy and that person’s economic welfare. Why is that so hard to understand?

      People in professional services (insurance, reinsurance, accounting etc.) do not need to go to their office to work. They can work from home.

      “Shouldn’t people in quarantine stay at home at all times?”

      Not only should they, they risk arrest if they do not.

      “We are in very serious situation right now”

      Yes, we are.

      “there should be proper leadership”

      Yes, there should. And on this topic there is.

      “Instead we get mixed messages, no clarity”

      Only because for some reason you will not understand what appears to me to be plain English.

      “leadership by part-timers who show show up once a week to read badly prepared statements”

      That may be an accurate assessment of some politicians, but not Kim Wilson.

      • Great says:

        I understand what each independent clause means. The problem is when you put them together, in the way Wilson did, they don’t end up meaning that a quarantined person must stay at home. Sorry if you are unable to understand that. It does take being able to read her whole sentence in one go.

        Kim Wilson is the one who admitted on TV she doesn’t read her emails about Covid cases after 8.00pm. In the middle of a pandemic, where she is the Minister of Health.

  2. puzzled says:

    I wonder why.

  3. Ya Bie says:

    Ay, anyone here that voice note of a guy saying for Burt and Kim Wilson to be honest to the people – waz that all about?

  4. Fisherman says:

    Why government office staff infected because “were possible” got mixed message to stay quarantined.

  5. Kimberly Hayward says:

    It is to say, work from home if you are quaratining and yet well enpugh and can work from home.
    That is all.

  6. Vaccinated says:

    How many party goers been vaccinated .. or how many infected

  7. NC says:

    What is our hospital capacity for COVID patients at this point?

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