Shiona Turini Styling Efforts Receive Praise

April 27, 2021

Actor Daniel Kaluuya has received praise for his Hollywood award season look, which was styled by Bermudian fashion consultant Shiona Turini.

A USA Today story said, “We’re used to seeing celebrities glammed all the way up on red carpets. Hair done. Outfit impeccable. Face glowing.

“But when awards season came back around, revamped by a global pandemic and looking very 2021-esque, hardly anyone could blame Jodie Foster for accepting a Golden Globe in pajamas or Jason Sudeikis for wearing a hoodie at every awards show. On the contrary, it was probably the one time we could relate to Hollywood’s upper echelon and genuinely nod, “same.”

“But in February, Daniel Kaluuya appeared virtually wearing a Dior suit to accept his best supporting actor Golden Globe for playing Fred Hampton in “Judas and the Black Messiah” and shut everything down.

“Styled by Shiona Turini, who has also served as the costume designer for “Insecure” and “Queen & Slim,” Kaluuya was a consistent showstopper at every awards show he attended virtually.

“His vibe is classic with a twist, and we leaned into the idea of having a little fun with getting dressed up to stay at home, without looking overly formal,” Turini says. “He and I have a common understanding when it comes to dressing — the clothes should never be too loud or too overpowering because the most important part is the person who is wearing them.”

“I said to Daniel, ‘Would you wear pajamas?’ And he said, ‘We can do whatever we want.’ And we just leaned into the idea. I live in robes and fancy pajamas so it felt weirdly natural to both of us,” Turini says. “The purple was so regal, the fabric was incredible and most importantly we were supporting Virgil Abloh — the first Black designer at Louis Vuitton — by doing so.”

“I tried to stay away from prints and patterns that would not translate well over a computer screen,” Turini says. “Each major award show has been a somewhat different formal (look). But again, the goal was to not be overly formal while sitting in the living room.”

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