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June 24, 2021 | 0 Comments

The International Conference of Information Commissioners [ICIC] will be hosting open sessions throughout 2021.

A spokesperson said, “Information Commissioner Gitanjali Gutierrez wishes to advise all Bermudians and residents that the International Conference of Information Commissioners [ICIC] will be hosting open sessions for the public throughout 2021. The theme for this year’s sessions is Access to Information for a Changing World – Using Technology to Promote Inclusion.

“The next scheduled webinar is entitled Blurred Boundaries in Access to Information: Home Office and Public Records Management on Wednesday, 30 June, 2021 at 11:00am AT. The live webinar will be available on the ICIC’s YouTube Channel.

“These free open sessions are available to all members of the public as online webinars and workshops. Each session will bring together experts and professionals from around the world to discuss specific themes around transparency and access to information. The ICIC’s webpage states the following:

“The webinars aim to provide participants with dialogue and reflection on some of the most important topics related to the right of access to information. It will be marked by appreciating the diversity of opinions and points of view, with representatives from academia, the public sector and the private sector. More than offering unilaterally the transmission of information or knowledge, the event will seek to encourage dialogue, discussion and the development of critical reasoning, being free and open to all and all those interested in the proposed themes.”

Information Commissioner Gutierrez stated, “Numerous employees and officers in public authorities in Bermuda worked remotely during each phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some used every tool at their disposal—including home computers, personal cell phones, private emails and messaging through social media—to resiliently maintain continuity of services for the benefit of the public.

“As we move forward, though, this ICIC webinar considers the long-term impact of the blurred lines between personal and public. What happens when critical policy or spending decisions are made over WhatsApp accounts on personal cell phones? How do public authorities ensure that records containing sensitive personal information are moved from home devices to appropriate filing systems within public offices?

“As public authorities return to their in-office operations, this ICIC webinar is a timely and important topic for Bermuda. I hope it will spark conversations about public records management and the handling of public authorities’ information and documents”.

“Recordings of this session, as well as the remaining sessions for 2021, will be available on the ICIC’s YouTube channel. The free webinars are offered on the last Wednesday of every month. The full schedule of webinars for 2021 and viewing details are available on”

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