Quarantine Order Will Not Come Into Effect Today

June 13, 2021 | 38 Comments

The amended Quarantine Order for travellers to Bermuda “will not come into effect today [June 13] as previously announced,” the Government said.

The order was initially announced as starting on June 6th, then later announced as starting on June 13th.

A spokesperson said, “The amended Quarantine Order for travellers to Bermuda will not come into effect today, June 13, as previously announced. The Government of Bermuda apologises for the moving dates and the uncertainty this has caused.

“We continue to work on the necessary amendments to finalise the Quarantine Order as it pertains to mandatory quarantine. This Order intends to formalise in law the exemptions and fees related to supervised quarantine for travellers,” said Minister of Health Kim Wilson. “Additional logistics are being worked out to ensure that we have it right and that we best protect Bermuda from dangerous coronavirus variants.”

Premier David Burt added: “As we fully open our island, it is important that we do our best to keep new variants out of Bermuda. The measures being put in place are designed to achieve this while balancing our safety with our need to encourage and support local events and tourism activities throughout our economy. Our goal is to end local restrictions in Bermuda.”

Premier David Burt concluded: “As our test results show we have not had any new local cases in over two weeks with all of our cases coming from overseas.

“That means our full effort must be at the border, focused on keeping dangerous variants out of Bermuda and successfully containing them if they arrive. The implementation of the new Border Restrictions will coincide with the full re-opening of the economy – which will be no later than June 24.”

“A comprehensive update including the confirmation of the date for the ending of local restrictions will be provided at Tuesday afternoon’s coronavirus press conference scheduled for 5:30pm,” the Government added.

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  1. Um um um says:

    In other words..we have another group that paid us lots of money to do what ever they want, while locals are restricted.

  2. Concerned says:

    I just had friends cancel their yearly Bermuda trip due to all the restrictions. Apparently, if they got a positive or a false positive your Government soldier’s would escort them for a 14 day trip to your Covid prison at their expense. That’s probably around $15k gone to New England. How many others I wonder. We can’t survive in your zero Covid dystopia. Zero Covid is not realistic, you will bankrupt us. Please ease the restriction. Everyone who wanted the vaccine has got it. Why are you trying to protect the people that don’t want the protection?

    • Triangle Drifter says:

      Um, that is $15,000 not going into Bermudian pockets.

      30-6, How’s life treating you if you are not on the Government payroll?

    • Missc says:

      My family said they will be using there hard earned money to travel to a destination that will give more for their English pounds and less restrictions! Feel for our economy ☹️

    • In Mark's Opinion says:

      Again I had met some visitors yesterday saying what I have heard before from many others visitors on our Island that they are cutting their visit short because of all this PCR testing they was not told about before coming and all the restrictions still going on here that has being stopped where they are from. They do not want to chance a day 4 false positive result and have to pay to lock their selves in a room for 2 weeks.

    • Dave Price says:

      So true. Not a truer word spoken.

      Let’s stop protecting those who refuse to protect themselves at the expense of everyone else who has made decisions in both their own best interest and that of Bermuda.

  3. Ringmaster says:

    Talk about more incompetence. The measures were announced at the end of April to come into effect June 6. Then June 6 is changed to June 13 “to allow people 3 days to get the paperwork done” which was rubbish, and now it is delayed again. Shows how much data and science goes into the “Regulations”. Just change June 25 to June 15 and be done with it, and no Emergency Power extension. You need to put in Regulations? Use the normal Parliamentary route to enact laws.

    Just waiting for the police to announce there is no case to answer for the alleged illegal raft up involving Revolve. No reason will be given because there must be so much covering up going on to protect the BTA and Government from their complicity and stupidity. The damage to tourism has been done, but no one will be held to blame.

    • 365 Darwin says:

      Why are you only concerned about the Revolve raft up? What about the many local events that were documented pre-vaccine that nobody has had to answer to you.

      Revolve is an easy target for most people, because they were mostly white visitors. What about all the events that were held in the midst of the pandemic before there was any offer of a vaccine for those that wanted it. These were the true Russian roulette players? Where was the outrage then?

      Cupmatch was cancelled last year,, but certain neighborhoods were allowed to have their own Cupmatch with no social distancing. One politician even encouraged similar sport gatherings (during election time) by offering up a prize for the winner. C’mon people. Many of these events were live streamed and can still be viewed today.

      You think the Revolve funcction is the issue here? The trutch isthat most of us have not done what the Heath Department asked. Had that been the case the Premiere would not have ever caught Covid. The only way he could get it , is if he ignored his own advice – PERIOD! .

      • Red Pill says:

        So where’s the pandemic? All that crap happened, so where’s the apocalypse? It’s panic over science. Way overblown.

  4. Fidel says:

    Oh my! Another rethink !!!

  5. Decided voter says:

    This Government is a joke, throw them out and start over. Why is there a curfew still. All they want to do is control you. We the people have the power. Time to rise up!

  6. comfortably numb says:

    Must be more friends and family flying in before June 24. Looks like Wayne Furbert has competition for the flip flop crown!

  7. Wing nut says:

    Give them time probably creating another app
    Or awaiting more partiers that they dont want to follow laws.

  8. Toodle-oo says:

    It will be interesting to see what this new document looks like but we must understand that it all begins at the airport and certain people have proven that they can not be trusted to follow at home quarantine rules.
    And as always the many will suffer because of the few.

  9. Question says:

    Blunder Burt strikes again. Clowns.
    The problem is, all this mucking around costs money.

  10. Charlotte says:

    I need to express if Government wants supervised quarters for residents to quarantine for 14 days I suggest the Government provide this facility at their expense. I for one will NOT be forced to pay for a lavish hotel in Bermuda when one; I am unemployed with limited savings and two; I am currently paying rent at a cost of $2,400 per month and it’s no way in hell I am going to dish out on top of that over $7,000 to quarantine in any hotel in Bermuda…Premier Burt has lost his damn mind!!!!

    • Question says:

      If you’re unemployed and can’t afford to travel you should stay at home. No one is ‘forcing’ you.
      Of you could have had free vaccine if you weren’t too stupid.

    • conspiracytheory says:

      Then you will be staying home!

  11. Imjustsaying says:

    Burt and his cronies need to be thrown out. A vote of no confidence. IMMEDIATELY!

  12. They need to lift the ban on COVID testing for those that are vaccinated. Do they NOT release how difficult it is to get a COVID test in the US. The BS theft say Walgreens or CVS do it is not true. You’re have to be. US resident in order for Walgreens or CVS to do it for you.I have just returned from a business trip to the US It was a friggin nightmare trying to find somewhere to get test. 8, and day 14 test. Okay I did what you wanted by getting vaccinated yet I still have to get a pretest, test on arrival, then another 4, 8 and day 14 test. WHY???? This is a total waste of my time, resources, and the millions it is costing us in salaries to keep it going. Seems to me like a lot of people are benefiting $$$ wise hmmm I wonder who they are???

    • Kayla says:

      For future reference, you can order your test from Costco online and have it shipped to you for a little under $200. These are approved for Bermuda travel. Once you receive the test you can take it, ship it back, and have your results in less than 48 hours. The only problem with this is that they may not process tests on weekends and holidays.

      • BS says:

        And how does that mail in test confirm it was actually ME who took the test?! That’s 100 percent BS so stop spreading it!

        • Kayla says:

          Don’t come on here with your nasty attitude when I am trying to help out. I took the test more than once and I am just stating facts. SOMEONE LITERALLY WATCHES YOU TAKE THE TEST! Its a video observation where you are on video with someone who checks your ID and watches you go through the entire process. Either way, if you want to take the test it is entirely up to you – I never said you’re obligated to take it.

    • 365 says:

      You have to ask why? let me dumb it down for you.

      1) because you have been vaccinated, does not guarantee that you will not get Covid, it lessens the likelihood and their are other benefits but its not 100%
      2) you can catch covid and test negative up to day 14. The tests you take are for everyone’s sake. Its a small inconvenience you pay for the privledge of travelling unnecessarily for “business”.

      If you have a tough time getting a test in the US, then fault the US labs- how is that our governments fault? Is a test not required to enter the US, Canada, UK etc? Be grateful you can get one here so easily and quickly!

      At the same time I agree that we

      • Rob says:

        This understanding of “not 100%” is true but the same is true for the Flu shot.
        The reason everyone should (unless medically unable) get vaccinated is because NOTHING is 100%.
        Don’t gamble the state of Bermuda on a 100% idea – it will never come, there will always be another variant.
        The current government is a reason I have not returned to Bermuda in over 15 years. Just not the same island I grew up loving.

    • Red Pill says:

      All these tests are unnecessary, it’s panic over science.

  13. Kayla says:

    This is crazy. Locals have been cancelling their vacations. I know of someone who came back to Bermuda early and is still paying for rent overseas. All in anticipation of this coming into effect June 6th. The government is costing residents so much money and stress and it is not fair. Why do they wait till the day that the plan is suppose to come into effect to announce that it will be delayed? The people need answers and the government does not care about what we think at all. I have an exam in July in NYC, will I be exempt from this rule? Where is the information on this? How am I suppose to plan for this if there is NO information?

    Another thing I do not understand is why unvaccinated people must be supervised and not the vaccinated? The only reason would be that the government believes that unvaccinated people are the problem and do not know how to follow rules – this is outright, loud, blatant discrimination.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Correct. It is discrimination, and long may it continue. You had a chance to get vaccinated.

      You made a choice, and now must deal with the consequence.

      I’m angry the government didn’t enact strict quarantine for unvaccinated travellers on June 6th, and consistent with many other countries.

    • Bermy1 says:

      Another thing I do not understand is why unvaccinated people must be supervised and not the vaccinated?

      Because they chose to get the vaccine in order to be able to enjoy their civil rights and help protect those who remain unvaccinated. If you chose not to have the vaccine then you must also chose to continue living with restrictions; we have all had them for the year and the vaccines allow people to start opting out.

      So if you don’t want to pay for your own quarantine then don’t travel or get the vaccine. Bermudians don’t know how lucky they are to be able to get it at their leisure. The rest of the world would be shocked at this brattish behavior.

      • Warrior says:

        My family has heart disease and are not able to get shots. We do not want any of the well documented side affects but prefer to live our lives as the Lord would have us to. Our God is not a man that he should lie. Know this, on his return, every knee shall bow AND EVERY TONGUE SHALL CONFESS THAT HE IS LORD. Bill Gates, Trump and all others who think like them. Jesus always has the last word.

  14. Me says:

    Lawd we need masks to stay on some people permanently 24/7

  15. Sandra says:

    Noooooo….It’s not coming into effect today??? Shocker…..way to be transparent……lord help us! (Pure sarcasm)

  16. BDA DJ says:

    All you bloggers are like true babies….damn if he does damn if he doesn’t…sigh….

    Hoping we do get a hurricane cause if we don’t, you silly keyboarders will blame Premier Burt for not having one.

  17. Otrwele says:

    Brown noser

  18. Red Pill says:

    They are using the variants narrative to keep all the restrictions and procedures in place to condition you to except it as the norm. For future total control of your movements etc.

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