Supervised Quarantine In Effect From June 13

June 5, 2021 | 40 Comments

“All non-immunised persons travelling to Bermuda are subject to mandatory supervised quarantine which will come into effect on 13 June,” the Government said today, adding that there are six approved quarantine hotels and the traveller must cover the costs for the hotel stay.

Copy of Covid Quarantine Square june 6 2021

“We must continue to work to keep our island safe,” said a Government spokesperson after Chief Justice Narinder Hargun refused an application for an injunction to pause the proposed mandatory supervised quarantine requirement brought by lawyer Mark Pettingill on behalf of certain applicants.

“This argument failed at the first hurdle and the applicants provided no reason for the Court to stop the proposed plans. The application for an injunction was dismissed.

“The travelling public are reminded that the existing traveller continuum remains in force and can be found at:”

The spokesperson continued, “All non-immunised persons travelling to Bermuda are subject to mandatory supervised quarantine which will come into effect on 13 June, 2021. Mandatory supervised quarantine, means those hotel/guest house properties that have been designated as such by the Government.”

There are six approved quarantine locations:

  • Coco Reef Resort
  • Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa
  • Hamilton Princess & Beach Club
  • Willowbank Resort
  • Coral Beach and Tennis Club
  • Rosemont Guest Suites

The traveller must:

  • cover the costs for the hotel stay;
  • choose from one of the six participating properties; and
  • book their hotel in advance of arrival in Bermuda.

“Each non-immunised traveller must ensure they have a confirmed [pre-paid] booking at a government-authorized hotel before boarding a flight to Bermuda. The confirmation must be uploaded into the Traveler Authorisation Form. All information about the new Travel Authorisation, including the exemptions process, will be available on from Wednesday, 9 June 2021.

“All travellers to Bermuda are still required to have pre-arrival, arrival, day 4, 8 and 14 tests.”

The quarantine plans were originally announced as starting on June 6th, however this statement was issued today, and indicates they will now take effect on June 13th. The reason for the date change was not stated, however we have asked and will update if able.

Update 6.11pm: In response to Bernews query as to why the date changed from June 6th to June 13th, a Government spokesperson said, “The Travel Authorisation process begins at least three days before a person travels to the island, including getting pre-arrival test results. Therefore the start date of 13 June gives persons, travelling to Bermuda, advanced notice and sufficient time to submit their information.”

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You can find more information on the links below and also on our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  1. Ringmaster says:

    If the variants are so dangerous, why has this date been moved from June 6 to June 13?

  2. John says:

    How can you even feel comfortable to put this in effect. Nonsense it’s other ways just saying

  3. Question says:

    Is there a fine if you refuse mandatory quarantine? Are you being taken there by armed officers? Can I refuse and drive myself home and pay a fine in court later or file my own constitutional challenge?

    • hmmmmm says:

      Why would anyone refuse mandatory when you just paid out $3000 plus for the hotel? The hotel needs to be book in advance of the arrival. No book no travel letter to show the airline. So what you going to do pay… still refuse to stay there ….. loss your money and possibly later have to pay money to the Courts lol. I’m not traveling until this is lifted to avoid any possible BS down de road BDA!

      • Q says:

        Booked doesn’t mean payed. You can pay later. I do this all the time when traveling

  4. Check Yourself... says:

    Ain’t it something how the goal posts keep getting moved? Makes you do hmmm

  5. TrueDevonshire says:

    Ask your self when does the football team return? For the change in date.

  6. In Mark's Opinion says:

    When are the people of Bermuda going to think for themselves. This will never end until we the people say we are not afraid of living and we do not belong to the government of Bermuda. The government have now become the terrorist by threatening it’s own people with fines and imprisonment because some people believe in the strength of their own bodies. Many people eat organic foods and do not eat crap and don’t want poisons in their bodies. This Island and the world is being destroyed right in front us by an invisible enemy only governments can see. People need to turn the tv off.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Moon landings were faked
      The earth is flat
      Baby Jesus died for our sins

      • BS says:

        1. BS
        2. BS
        3. BS

        See a pattern here? Go back to your miserable cave!

  7. Andrew says:

    Two easy solutions to this:

    1) get vaccinated
    2) don’t travel overseas whilst this is in place if you don’t want to be quarantined.

    • Concerned Citizen says:

      Today it’s a vaccine – tomorrow it’s cash, then your right to own land; if you think they’ll stop when you accept this you’re wrong sorry to tell you. Keep lining up while they take your rights away one by one. If I’m not allowed to consent to what goes into my body I don’t have freedom.

  8. Andrew says:

    Looks like Bermy is going to be quiet for summer time. Such a stupid rule just because you want to make money back. Ain’t nobody going to be paying up to 5G to quarantine to come back home. Smh so sad

    • Question says:

      Wrong. Our hotels will be full this summer, as long as the neanderthal mouthbreather anti-vaxxers here don’t have another outbreak.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Get vaccinated. Problem solved.

      • Kindley says:

        Not really!

      • My body says:

        My Body, my Choice.

        • sandgrownan says:

          Fine. Don’t travel, don’t go to bars, restaurants, don’t send yours kids the same school as mine.

          Hope your granny doesn’t drown in her own lung fluids you stupid b^^$$$#

  9. Curious says:

    Are there any updates on required medical certificate travel before May 6th? Will they still need to quarantine at a hotel? Is the exemption still active, I am not finding mention of this?

  10. Just saying says:

    Government needs to grow up, if your gonna force quarantine. Make it the same for all. You are still infectious covid shot or not. So govt will allow the spread of the disease under a guise that vaccinated people are not contagious. If your gonna follow another country way of doing it, copy Canada. 8 days mandatory. 3 In a quartine location, rest in your own accommodations. As Burt says covid lite is still covid. Wake up and do it properly. Stop this half @$$ stuff.

  11. Observer says:


  12. A Massive Overreach says:

    I cannot support such a draconian policy. Government has made a gargantuan error in my opinion.
    50% of America is not vaccinated. America is our primary market.
    Almost half Of Bermudians are not fully vaccinated.
    This will not have a good end.
    Huge mistake

    • BDA411 says:

      Yup, the government is so disorganized. The change their mind more than I change my underwear. LOL

    • dc says:

      The Americans who can afford the high costs of Bermuda are well educated and so are likely to be vaccinated. The %age of the target market who would be subject to quarantine will therefore be much lower than 50%. Government is doing the right thing with this and with safekey. You have a choice not to be vaccinated but must appreciate that that choice makes you a greater risk and so you will have to put up with the restrictions.

  13. Eyes says:

    Nobody can dictate to anyone else medical advice or insistence. STOP trying to make decisions for anyone else but yourself. The next person will not listen to your “Get Vaccinated”. That makes it worse. It boils down to a joke and harassment.

  14. Mattheem says:

    When the non vaccinated have to pay for a Government run forced quarantine at a hotel, that is discrimination against those not vaccinated.

    • Sandgrownan says:

      Well done. Good. I support discrimination against the selfish and willfully ignorant.

  15. Spineless Leaders!!!! says:

    June 13th, I see get the footballers players home, then you can charge all the other unvaccinated! Interesting.

    America is open for business, no masks for the vaccinated, CDC says the virus doesn’t live as long on hard surfaces as they originally thought. So what do we do, even if you are vaccinated we need 5 PCR tests when we re-enter our own country! We want tourism, I dint think so.

    The vaccinated don’t need all these tests, residents or visitors!!!!!

  16. Dockboyz45 says:

    Yup what a sad day

  17. Kitchen sink says:

    What has happened to doctor, patience confidentiality, who give these strangers the right to ask us if we’re vaccinated or not. This is a violation of our right

  18. aceboy says:

    Why are we still on Level 4 DO NOT TRAVEL Alert from the WHO? Anyone going to call them and let them know we have had zero new cases for like 10 days and only 10 active cases?

  19. shelley leverck says:

    I am unable to get vaccinated due to severe allergies. I was tested for the covid-19 components and I am allergic. How long will this policy be in place for? If forever I might as well pack up and leave.

  20. Kathy says:

    “All information about the new Travel Authorisation, including the exemptions process, will be available on from Wednesday, 9 June 2021.”
    Has anyone seen this information yet? Have a link to it on I can’t find anything.

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