OBA’s Ben Smith: “It Is Simply Unacceptable”

September 9, 2021 | 7 Comments

The decision to begin the public school year virtually “is leaving parents scrambling,” Shadow Minister of Education Ben Smith said, adding that the decision “could have been taken last week to give parents a little more time.”

Mr. Smith said, “Today, public schools opened its doors virtually for the new academic year. It was abysmal for the Department of Education to inform parents of this just 48 hours ago. It is simply unacceptable.

“Parents are now left feeling blindsided and scrambling to accommodate this last-minute decision.

“Yes we are in unprecedented times, but this could have been handled better. For many parents this will mean they will have to stay home from work. What impact will this have for their finances if they are unable to work from home?

“What provisions will be put into place for families who only have access to one device yet have more than one school-aged child at home?

“This decision is leaving parents scrambling. The number of positive cases didn’t rise overnight. This decision could have been taken last week to give parents a little more time.

“Inevitably, we need to have a sustainable plan for returning to school. While a number of public school parents are hesitant to give consent for their children to be tested in school, the time has come for them to reconsider. Where is the harm in allowing their students to participate if by doing so will protect their well-being, and ultimately help them to remain in school. Isn’t that what parents ultimately want? For life to return to normal, both in and outside of the classroom?

“Teachers should be tested rigorously as well. The testing for both students and teachers is needed so that we can prevent outbreaks as much as possible and return our children to the form of education they prefer. We do not know what the impact has been on the students over the last two years and what impact this will have on their future we need a solution to get our students back to school.“

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  1. Jus' Askin' says:

    schools should reopen Nevuary 32nd
    i thought this was the “new normal” ;-) ;-)

    if you truly cared about the children
    why would you have a problem with this decision?

    equip ALL students with laptops and hi speed internet, at a reasonable price
    i bet it would be cheaper than running & maintaining these old buildings

    now is the time to make the change for

    • What says:

      Government should mandate that Teachers , politicians, public transport workers, immigration and customs officials be vaccinated. People in positions of responsibility need to be responsible.

  2. whose fault? says:

    what is unacceptable is that Dept of Ed was forced to do this because of all the people who still refuse to vaccinate, and refuse to wear masks or admit there is a pandemic, and that ALL citizens are needed to follow the rules if we have a hope of EVER controlling and putting a stop to this. Anyone hear of polio or small pox lately? The reason you haven’t is because people were told to get vaccinated, and did back then. This remote start is not Dept of Ed’s fault.

  3. Joe Bloggs says:

    We’ve had 350 new cases of COVID-19 reported in less than 1 week, 225 of them only 2 days ago. If you can predict that you should be harnessing and selling that gift.

  4. watching says:

    Ridiculous statement from the OBA shadow.

  5. Dunn juice says:

    Any of the unvaccinated in hospital getting the vaccine??
    Anyone seen burtcoin? His hiding with Curtis

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