No Fireworks Display On ‘Flora Duffy Day’

September 16, 2021

While it was originally announced that there would be a fireworks display as part of the ‘Flora Duffy Day’ celebration, there has been a change of plans, with officials stating that due to the increasing Covid-19 cases, they “decided against a fireworks display due to the nature of such an event which may encourage large gatherings of people to congregate in one place.”

The Bermuda Government has declared October 18th a public holiday to celebrate Bermuda’s first Olympic gold medalist Flora Duffy, and the details of the celebration were announced in the Senate on Wednesday, stating there will be “a firework display by the Corporation of Hamilton.”

As far as we are aware, there has not been a fireworks display in Bermuda for a few years. While we have no actual data, we make every effort to cover fireworks, and the last time we filmed them was back in 2017.

Slideshow of one of the last fireworks shows we covered back in 2017


A spokesperson for the City of Hamilton told Bernews, “Given the increasing number of cases of Covid-19 in the community, the City, in tandem with the Government of Bermuda, have regrettably decided against a fireworks display due to the nature of such an event which may encourage large gatherings of people to congregate in one place.

“The City looks forward to celebrating Flora’s historic achievement next month through a series of special tributes, including a presentation to our Olympic champion on the steps of City Hall on October 11.”

‘Virtual fireworks show’ from Bernews 2021 NYE virtual broadcast

While there will not be a fireworks display, there will still be much to celebrate with Ms Duffy set to arrive on October 11th, where she will be welcomed at the airport by a special delegation.

“A motorcade will escort Ms. Duffy from the airport to Cabinet Office, where she will meet with the Premier for a special presentation. The motorcade route will include a drive through the City of Hamilton,” the Minister said in the Senate.

“On Flora Duffy Day itself, on October 18th, we hope to see the Island participate in celebratory activities. While we have considered a large street event, the current Covid environment renders this inopportune and we will focus on activities that are safe for all concerned.

“We expect to include a ribbon-cutting ceremony, an announcement of the honours to be bestowed on Flora for her achievements,” the Minister said, adding that “the proposed renaming of a fitting location is subject to final approvals and this will be further announced to the public shortly.”

Audio of the announcement in the Senate on Wednesday:

Flora Duffy not only won Bermuda’s first Olympic Gold Medal — making the island the smallest country in the world to win a gold medal at the Summer Olympics — she did it in major style, finishing over one minute ahead of the silver medalist, and then following it up with a world championship win, becoming the first triathlete in history to be crowned both the World and Olympic Champion in the same year.

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  1. Swan Pyrotechnics says:

    We are so excited for Flora Duffy and had hoped to praise her accomplishments with the introduction of fireworks. We are in support of the governments’ efforts to keep the public safe during these unfortunate and unpredictable times. We will be joining in from afar to celebrate Flora on her special day!

  2. Barbara Cooper says:

    The Bermuda Government should scrap the holiday and give Flora some money instead ! That would be better for EVERYONE’s economy in these trying times.