Public Holiday To Celebrate Flora Duffy

September 10, 2021 | 16 Comments

October 18th has been declared a public holiday to recognize and celebrate Flora Duffy’s success in the Tokyo Olympics, the Government announced today.

Flora Duffy is a 10 time world champion, the first triathlete in history to be crowned both the World and Olympic Champion in the same year, and Bermuda’s first ever Olympic Gold Medalist with her win making the island the smallest country in the world to win a gold medal at the Summer Olympics.

This is according to a post made on social media by the Government media, with the Government posting the graphic below which said, “18 October 2021 has been declared a public holiday to recognize and celebrate Flora Duffy’s success in the Tokyo Olympics.”

Update: The Premier tweeted, “Today in the House of Assembly, I stated that Oct. 18 will be declared a public holiday! This will be a one-off holiday to celebrate Flora Duffy’s Gold Medal success at the Tokyo Olympics. More details will be released on Wed by the Min. of Youth, Culture & Sports in the Senate.”

Flora Duffy Day Bermuda Sept 2021

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  1. Justin Case says:

    So Clarence Hill making 3rd on the podium in 1976 doesn’t matter somehow……..

    • Rig says:

      Of course it does, but it was 45 years ago.

      Yours is a message for September 1976, not now.

    • Now Ya Nice says:

      Justin case. It would you are cut from the same cloth as the woman who made a very racist and ignorant audio clip that has been circulating.

      Let’s just see if the same amount of effort will be made to find this woman and push to have her removed from her position regardless of what she does for a living because of her racist rant. And any person that listens to it and things otherwise has issues themselves.

      But something tells me that our government its supporters and those persons that consistently push for the end of racism will somehow pretend that they never heard or got the clip. Because the reality is they don’t want to deal with the inconvenient truth. Racism is alive and well in the black community and many benefit from it in a multitude of different ways. Many of us would rather pretend it doesn’t exist and that racism is a one-sided problem that only affects one segment of the community.

      Her rant is not original…and is like many others that have secretly circulated in the recent past. it’s our dirty little secret…. Except for one small problem it’s not really a secret is it. Too many of us just pretend that racism is one-sided. Fortunately most of us understand that hate in any form and for any reason is wrong.

      • Mark says:

        Well said. I just knew that the first comment on this board would be a racist numpty and you responded perfectly and with the unblemished truth that we all know so well but dare not speak. Thank you

      • Question says:

        As you correctly predicted, nothing at all has been done about finding that particular perpetrator of hate speech.

        Of course. Hate speech gets ignored when it’s aimed in that direction. It’s quietly ignored and condoned.

    • Bad Religion says:

      Yeah, let’s protest and go to work on the 18th.

  2. Patricia says:

    Well done! It’s fitting.

  3. Toodle-oo says:

    While I will continue to sing of and acknowledge Flora’s incredible accomplishments I don’t think a holiday is appropriate or necessary , even more so at this short notice.
    Holidays cost businesses (and taxpayers) money , money that we do not have now and won’t for a very long time.
    What percentage of people are going to prance around all day saying “it’s Flora Duffy Day ” ?
    A longer lasting tribute should be sought than a once off holiday.

    • Vortex says:

      Oh lighten up, we’ve all had a miserable 18 months, this is a rare smart reading of the nation’s temperature by the Government.

      Now if you want to talk about wasting thousands of hours of Bermudian time, let’s focus on that embarrassing Harbour Rd project. W&E should be put to work on 18 Oct.

      • As always says:

        Before you start bashing W&E on the Harbor Road project maybe u should stop there and ask why it’s taking so long. People like to bash others without having FACTS. There is a reason so go ask.

        • Now Ya Nice says:

          Who else would you blame? Doesn’t matter what the problem is. If you know the reasons, explain. Work engineering has more equipment available under its arsenal than any construction company on this island. It has the money and the engineers and more workers than any company on this audit. Yet every project that they’ve been responsible for has taken five times longer than it should and 10 times more money. And then once these projects are done they’re not maintained.

          Drive along North shore. Look at the sidewalks that were put in a few years ago. They are actually Casuarina trees and small bushes growing out of the sidewalks already because no one has been bi to do any kind of maintenance.

        • Vortex says:

          @as always, there may be reasons but I know this much;

          - Comedy traffic lights, W&E showing up at 8am by which time we are queued back to Warwick or not showing up at all when it’s raining (I saw both happen). Means we have lights with same amount of time and 5 cars vs 500 cars. It’s just lazy organisation.

          - Carpenters making fixtures on site. Why not do these weeks in advance?

          - Hours and hours with NOBODY THERE

          - A lack or urgency. No work done at all on the holiday on 6th. Surely that was a day to do lots with no traffic.

          Its been said before but if W&E were a private company, they would be out of business. There is an arrogance to them, a sense of ‘I’ll finish it when I like’, and worse I’ll string it out so the job keeps me in work.

          If there are other facts then please tell all, but this is what I see. Let’s not forget that the only loser here is Bermuda.

      • Toodle-oo says:

        Flora is the one who deserves a holiday ,not any of us for what she achieved.
        And I did say that there ought to be something longer lasting than a one off holiday.
        ‘Smart reading of the nation’s temperature by the government ‘
        Ha , like the one off holiday to buy votes honouring the Portuguese that we’ll never see another of.
        Do you really believe that the island’s ‘temperature’ will change after this holiday ?

  4. Vida Smith says:

    Some people should get a medal for complaining, if Government is giving Flora Duffy a public holiday so be it, just enjoy the day,go out in your boat or do something to make yourself happy, life is short.

  5. Isaac Lambe says:

    Our island is a sad joke, all the serious issues the go un-addressed yet this crap, smh, that island only caters to the rich “high society” so called bermudians, sad

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