Phoenix Expects Antigen Tests To Cost $15 – $20

September 23, 2021

The Phoenix Stores has provided an update on antigen tests, saying they expect to receive a supply by the end of next week and “customers can expect to purchase the individual units from any of our dispensaries, ranging in price from approximately $15-$20.”

Government: “Antigen Tests Can Now Be Imported For Personal Use”

This follows after the Government recently announced that “Antigen tests can now be imported for personal use” as “the policy was reviewed and adjusted by the Ministry of Health.”

“It is hoped that the public can use antigen kits for personal use to empower themselves [whether vaccinated or not] to protect vulnerable persons in their midst, for example, before visiting an elderly relative or before attending a social gathering with loved ones,” the Government previously said.

“Antigen tests are a rapid screening tool, and a positive antigen result should be followed up immediately with a confirmatory test by PCR. Antigen tests cannot be used to second-guess public health instructions to quarantine or isolate. Public Health tests are based on PCR test results or a risk assessments by the Ministry of Health Officers,” the Government added.

“Expect To Receive Supply By The End Of Next Week”

In providing an update to their statement on the weekend, a Phoenix spokesperson told Bernews, “We have sourced the antigen tests and expect to receive supply by the end of next week.

“Our offering, approved by the UK’s Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency and Department of Health & Social Care, is already trusted and used heavily by the National Health Service in the UK. The Government of Bermuda’s Ministry of Health has also approved its use on-island.

“Ranging In Price From Approximately $15-$20″

“Customers can expect to purchase the individual units from any of our dispensaries, ranging in price from approximately $15-$20. Should folks wish to pre-order a test before its arrival in-store, they can ring the pharmacist at any of The Phoenix Stores.

“As per current practice for personal antigen tests, if one receives a positive result, one should book an appointment for a PCR test at a local testing facility and contact their doctor.”

The antigen tests, as noted above, are an option for people who may wish to “empower themselves” and have a readily available way to test themselves, and should not be confused with the PCR testing funded by the Government, which you can book here.

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You can find more information on the links below from our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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Comments (13)

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  1. Another money grab! says:

    Yet another money grab by the few who shall remain nameless but want to continue to make money from the COVID virus! Sorry but I already pay taxes so this should be included in that versus making a retail empire from it! What does it retail for in the US? And did you get concessions from Government (aka all of us) on import duty to provide this service to the general population?

  2. Rob the Poor says:

    The UK offers individual tests for about $4 and change, so Phoenix is selling these at a 350.00% markup. Good on them. Way to capitalize on the pandemic.

    • iyiyi says:

      350% . That’s a typical markup across the board here ! Just plain greed and no price control .

    • Noncents says:

      I actually believe you can order a pack of seven for free in the UK. Granted its via the NHS, but $15-$20 for one is extremely excessive.

      • Question says:

        Oh yeah, they’re completely “free” in the UK. All you have to do is give over 45% of everything you earn to the government.

    • Question says:

      You can buy them for as little as 4.00 UK Pounds, IF you’re ordering a block of 10,000 tests. If you’re ordering one test, they are 14.99 Pounds each, which is $20.53. That’s in the UK, before the cost of flying it here, and all the other costs.

  3. Rig says:


    These are free in the UK. Why isn’t the Government mandating a modest max price?

  4. Hey says:

    There should be no markup on these kits, people will come into the store and buy other items when they are there. Shame on you Phoenix

    • Question says:

      And People’s Pharmacy, surely? Or are they doing this for free?

  5. Enough! says:

    So… Currently, people are ignoring (or misinterpreting) symptoms and circulating in the community already. They go to work. Or school. When they have a big event they can get free (or subsidized by insurance) testing to obtain a safekey.

    In a parallel world where unicorns exist (or, at the Phoenix), these same people will pay $15 for a test to safeguard the community for their own piece of mind. C’mon.

    All testing should be free (or nominal cost at worst) regardless of reason. The same way that all vaccinations are free. Yes, it’s expensive in the short term (but less expensive than the current PCR regime if we also offer these tests for free), but it’s so many times less expensive/economically damaging than these endless cycles of lockdown and release.

    If this kind of testing can give us an advantage over covid, it benefits all of us. and therefore should be free and widely available. Then we can hopefully get a grip on our case numbers, move away from this toxic debate on vaccination, get back to something resembling normality, and hopefully not saddle our younger generations with a lifetime of debt.

    • Question says:

      Er, no. Currently the government offers a free saliva screening programme at all government schools. But the schools remain closed because it turns out about half of Bermudian parents would rather schools remain closed than to have free testing.

      • sandgrownan says:

        Yep, and the next generation of Bermudians will be as stupid as their idiot parents.

  6. Doctur Branez says:

    My doctor said these tests are pointless, and cannot be used for proving anything. You cant use them to say you dont need the vaccine, and it doesnt tell you whether you are safe etc. Just a load of nonsense to make money at a ripoff price. When people use them and throw them away, imagine all the covid being spread