Sand Sculpture In Celebration Of Garden Club

October 25, 2021

Hannah Emmerson — the talented local artist who organizes the sandcastle competitions — has created a sand sculpture in celebration of the Garden Club’s 100th anniversary.

“Sand sculpting is the oldest form of sculpting in the world, but it only became an art form during the 1970s in California and has since spread throughout the globe. Competitions and festivals are held each year attracting many visitors,” a spokesperson said.

Jan Macdonald, President of the GC, Carol Sims and Rosemary Holmes, Co-Chairs of the 100th Anniversary Committee and Hannah Emmerson, Sand Artist

Sand Sculpture Bermuda October 2021 (4)

“Hannah explained that there are different types of sand and that it can differ widely not only from one beach to another but along the same coastline. This is due to wave and tidal action and wind direction.

“Our lovely pink sand comes from a special type of coral called Foraminifera which grows out on the reef line. It is then broken down into smaller particles, either by wave erosion or parrotfish and mixed with other shells and coral to create the prettiest sand in the world.

“Sand has many usages and because of its high demand notably in construction, the retrieval process raises concerns all over the world for our marine life and ecosystem. Luckily for us in Bermuda, we can enjoy it and build sandcastles with it until the tide washes them away.”

Sand Sculpture Bermuda October 2021 (1)

Sand Sculpture Bermuda October 2021 (2)

Sand Sculpture Bermuda October 2021 (3)

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