Joint Statement Aims For “End To Conflict”

November 12, 2021

A joint statement has been signed by a number of local personalities calling for “a temporary or permanent end to conflict.”

The statement says, “Armistice: an agreement by parties involved for a temporary or permanent end to conflict. We, the undersigned, join in highlighting the observance of Armistice Day on November 11th – the culmination of World War I, in 1918 – ‘the war to end all wars.’

“Our intention is to go beyond remembrance, which honours the millions of lives lost, to explore the possibilities of ensuring those sacrifices were not in vain.

“It is evident that over the century since that milestone, our collective human society has been unable to draw the lessons offered by that madness, a condition that predated the so-called Great War. One only has to check the current 24/7 news coverage for tragic support of that reality.

“Of course, there has been recent media discussion about terminating the endless wars, that was triggered by the Biden administration’s formal pull-out of Afghanistan. This ended a two-decade brutal campaign that the President reported cost more than $300 million per day and resulted in the loss of 200,000 lives.

“Please note that although while ending the Afghanistan debacle, the Pentagon budget for 2022 has been increased again by billions.

“While the actions of our neighbour’s conduct of their foreign and military policy is technically none of our business, we refer to this as a point of reference regarding how we human beings do ourselves across the globe.

“So that in Bermuda, for several decades we have conducted a war on drugs to address what is ostensibly a health matter. The fallout of this campaign has reproduced the outcomes played out in the U.S. during the early 20th century with their war on alcoholic beverages.

“It is this ‘war’ approach to life that is at issue. This aspect of culture – or lack thereof – dominates key aspects of our lives. So that social engagement is hyper competitive rather than collaborative: thus, undermining our ability to address challenges and promote sustainable communities.

“Given the significant crossroads that we face globally – as reflected by the pandemic and the revelations at COP26, regarding the existential threats of the climate emergency – as we observe remembrance, we encourage everyone’s support for a general Armistice; which would include:

  • Supporting a global armistice on the war on the planet, with specified steps towards whole-system renewable energy.
  • Armistice for our war on drugs; exploring transformative options, such as those successfully deployed in Portugal.
  • An Armistice on the current violent conflict of local gang members.
  • A declaration of an Armistice in formal political discourse, with the goal of leveraging collaborative potential, to the benefit of the whole.
  • A community initiative to promote transforming our collective approaches to addressing community wellbeing that reflect the spirit of Armistice with the goal of promoting whole-island collaboration.

“The 11 signatories sign-off on a personal basis: listed alphabetically, with references to organizations only to assist in identification.

Michael Ashton: Former counsellor & current guest-house operator.
Carol Ashton: guest-house operator.
Arlene Brock: former Ombudsman of Bermuda
Tulani Bulford: activist & up-and-coming entrepreneur
Elizabeth de Jean-Saunders: former School Counsellor at CedarBridge
Glenn Fubler: activist
Dianna Kempe: Noted former Barrister
Lynn Millett: former BIU Chief Shop Steward
Cordell Riley: Acting Chairman of CURB
W. Alex Scott: Former Premier
Sir John Swan: Former Premier

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