Ignite Bermuda Meets With US Consul General

December 3, 2021

Ignite Bermuda hosted a visit from the U.S. Consul General as part of Global Entrepreneurship Month.

A spokesperson said, “This special occasion was an opportunity for Ignite’s entrepreneurial leaders to introduce their businesses and discuss future prospects with the U.S. Consul General, Karen Grissette and her team. A number of discussions were sparked around possible initiatives between local entrepreneurs and the consulate.

“The morning consisted of meet and greets and collaborative conversations with a handful of Ignite’s current Cohort 4 members. The event was catered by Branch of Life who supplied vegan pastries, with plant-based butter from Cedarberry Foods, and organic coffee from Greenhouse Bermuda.”

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Talibah Branch, co-founder of Branch of Life said, “I want to thank the U.S. Consul General and her team for trying all of our plant-based pastries and Ignite for their continuous support and encouragement. After our official launch, our goal is to continue to encourage people to eat more plants by making them irresistibly delicious and we’re honoured to have shared some of our creations with the U.S. Consul General.”

Gwendolyn Creary, founder of ParentGuide shared, “No matter one’s status or employment role, being a parent comes with its challenges, fears, considerations, and decisions that sometimes feel very singular and lonely.

“I explained to the Consul General that ParentGuide is specifically focused on families with children up to eight years old, who may have early intervention or mental health needs. I was able to share with her my breadth of experience and knowledge and was encouraged by her understanding and support.”

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Karen Grissette, the U.S. Consul General, said: “I was very pleased with my visit to Ignite and was impressed by all of the Cohort 4 participants who shared compelling stories about their backgrounds and business ventures and allowed us to enjoy and learn about their products firsthand. Each November in the United States, we celebrate entrepreneurs who serve their communities and bolster the economy.

“The Consulate always looks forward to engaging in Global Entrepreneurship Month in partnership with organizations that provide support and resources to business owners and start-ups in Bermuda. Congratulations to Ignite for their continued success and for offering a robust program to help develop small businesses in Bermuda.”

A spokesperson added, “Ignite is honoured to have had the opportunity to provide a collaborative space for like-minded individuals to pursue common goals of increased jobs and diversity in Bermuda. We are confident that the initial discussions and connections made between the entrepreneurs and Consul General Grissette will only further enhance the incredible initiatives taking place amongst the Bermuda Eco-System and the Consulate.”

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Raisá Tuzo, founder of 1616 Premium Cocktails said, “I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to present to the U.S. Consul General and hope that their future events will see 1616 on their bar.”

Ignite Executive Director, Sean Reel stated, “We were honored to host our guests from the U.S. Consulate and were pleased to build opportunities for local businesses to partner and collaborate.”

More information about Ignite Bermuda’s Accelerator Programme can be found online via www.ignitebermuda.com.

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