Covid: Latest Stats On Hospitalisations & Deaths

January 27, 2022

[Updated] The Government has released updated statistics on the vaccination status of hospitalisations and deaths, with the latest data covering up until January 15, 2022.

The chart shows that as far as the 323 hospitalisations [including repeat admissions] 275 were “not fully vaccinated” while 48 were “fully vaccinated,” and of the 98 deaths, 83 were “not fully vaccinated” while 15 were “fully vaccinated.” As of the latest vaccination statistics, 71.5% of the overall population has had two doses of the vaccine.

The change from November 2021 statistics — you can view the past eight charts the Government has released here on under the ‘Vaccination Status’ dropdown — include new data spanning 17 additional hospitalisations and sadly, four more deaths.

Since the statistics go up to January 15 2022, it means they do not refer to the four coronavirus related deaths announced this month, as they were announced after January 15th, so the four additional deaths would be the ones announced on December 29th, 2021, which were from September 2021 [1], November 2021 [1] and December 2021 [2].

As a note, there have, unfortunately, been 114 deaths in total since the start of the pandemic in 2020, however these particular statistics provided by the Government start from January 11, 2021, as that is when vaccinations began in Bermuda.

Covid 19 Hospitalisations & Deaths Bermuda Jan 2022

Update 5.20pm: The Government released updated statistics at todays press conference, spanning another week and another three deaths, with the three deaths added on this version all listed as “not fully vaccinated”.

vacc stats up to Jan 22

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You can find more information on the links below from our dedicated website, which is the most comprehensive resource and historic record available of Bermuda’s handling of the pandemic.

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  • Vaccine: Data covering vaccinations here
  • Dedicated website:

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  1. aceboy says:

    These numbers simply attempt to show that vaccines are required.

    What the public REALLY want to know is whether or not deaths attributed to COVID had other comorbidities and if they died WITH or FROM COVID. This statistic has been withheld on the basis that the privacy of the patient is paramount.

    A few patients privacy is not worth the country being destroyed.

    If I get it I want the public to know whether I died from it or with it….I just don’t see any logic in withholding this information other than to disguise something.

    • Not going to happen says:

      As we move forward and out of the pandemic things will start to turn around considerably. For one vaccination status will not be required for most things as it is now. This is because all medical information is privileged information and does not have to be shared in any public forums. Two it is irrelevant to say weather or not someone had another health issue because people die all the time with multiple issues and that information again is private. They do not talk about weather or not someone had another medical issue when they report on road fatalities do they? No because it is irrelevant. They have to forward the information to the authorities that are studying the effects of Covid blindly. In other words bodies like the CDC will have the information as to if the person has died with a Covid infection and something else but the general public will not have access to those statistics. This is because releasing too much information about people’s health issues can raise a panic. If they were to tell you for example that 65% of the deaths were cancer patients the entire cancer population would be concerned and it would cause a panic. It is proven that fear has a negative effect on the overall health of a person and doctors are bound to “do no harm”. Obviously there is no perfect way to achieve that but creating a panic by the release of too much information is an agreed way of causing harm in the medical community. So it’s not only the patient’s privacy to be considered by the effect that it will have on the general population. It’s bad enough that they have not encouraged people to verify that the vaccination is working on an individual basis via an antibodies test. Again they might argue that this could raise a panic but I counter that argument with people are being blindsided and not knowing that they had no protection from Covid after being vaccinated (a very small number in Bermuda) and alternatively people think that they are invincible because they have had a vaccination (a much larger number globally).
      So in summary progress is being made. The CDC has recognized that recovery from Covid does give better protection than the vaccination alone. Check out the global stats on recovery and you will see that global community immunity levels are rising. Immunity as defined by the medical dictionary which is the presence of antibodies. For clarification everyone that has recovered from Covid without an antibodies injection has the antibodies. Also vaccination does not give you the antibodies directly, your immune system has to produce antibodies in response to the vaccine. The difference between vaccination induced antibodies and recovery is simply this; the vaccination antibodies protect you against 1/29 proteins that are in Covid and recovery protects you against 29/29 for a particular strain. However each strain is a different set of 29 proteins so the 29 proteins that make up the delta strain are different from the 29 proteins that make up the omicron strain. The 1 protein from the current vaccinations available protects you from the Alpha strain’s spike protein which is the most important protein you need protection from and has been found to be the same in multiple strains. Meaning that the vaccination can provide protection from the most important protein in a number of strains but not all of them. Vaccination plus recovery from Covid is the highest level of protection from future Covid infection.

    • Please don't kill people says:

      It is pretty much irrelevant. Vaccines save lives in every single country (which has data), with and without comorbidities, with or from Covid, at any age range, ethnicity, social class or type of vaccine. Non-profit vaccines work, vaccines made by governments work, big pharma (and small pharma) vaccines also work. There are literally billions of data points.

      Bermuda data is basically irrelevant (Bermudians are humans just like the billions of vaccinated people elsewhere). And, yet, the data from Bermuda is the same as the data from every. single. other. place in the world…

      Considering the data above (and 70% of the population vaxxed), the protection against death in Bermuda has been 92.5%, closer to what we see in most of the world, as well as double blind studies (about 90%). 92.5% means that the chance of death for the unvaxxed has been 13.3 times larger than for the vaxxed, on average.

      Infections are also more common in the unvaxxed, as well as Long Covid is (about twice, if infected). Long Covid will affect way more people than hospitalizations and deaths alone.

      By the way, your point about “with or from” Covid is also irrelevant. Let’s say everybody died with Covid (as if Covid can’t make other diseases worse). Still, the vaccinated are surviving in much greater numbers (so, by your reasoning, vaccines are actually protecting against death from all causes).

      As for comorbidities, on top of “it works”, arguing that it’s OK for people with comorbidities to die is appaling, especially considering about 50% of the population has some. I’d be surprised if your family is completely free from obesity, high blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, any cardiac condition and so on… (not that they add that much extra risk anyway; a few extra years, or the lack of vaccination, add much more risk than most comorbidities)

  2. Check Yourself... says:

    Um, so are the “not vaccinated at all” group lumped in the “not fully vaccinated”? If so why? I for one would like to see the stats on those whom have any amount of the “treatment” injected vs those whom have not had any. Just sayin.

    • They won’t do that break down says:

      For the protection of the pharmaceutical companies they will not give that break down because there are too many variables to be considered. Was the first shot in the first week, second week or third week? Was the second shot administered and in the first or second week? The answers to those questions would have to be the break down in the not fully vaccinated group to give you those answers and that would raise more issues than it would solve. Medical treatment can only be considered based on the treatment given according to the recommendation of the issuing body. Anything else they are not liable for so to do away with attacks on liability it’s two categories fully vaccinated and not fully vaccinated.

  3. Manchester Moth says:

    If you take out the results they published previously from Jan21 – Sept21 we can see a better representation of the situation post vaccine roll out. They still support vaccination but it would also be good to see what the average number of comorbidities are so that we can calm some of the fear in the community. It would be even better to be able to take all of the Delta infections out and look at results from Dec1st – present.

    Hospitalisations become 106 unvaxed/ single jab Vs 34 double jabbed
    Deaths become 57 untaxed/ single jab Vs 11 double jabbed