Harness Pony Racing Race Day Results

February 7, 2022 | 0 Comments

Bermuda Harness Pony Racing continued at the National Equestrian Center on Vesey Street this weekend.

The opening race of the day proved exciting as Google Me and War Machine had a photo finish in the 1:04/2 & Faster Time Bar Class, Catrina Sharman in the bike of Google me was declared the winner with a time of 1:03&3, while Philip Correia in the bike of War Machine was declared second with the same time Candyce Martins in the bike of Double Time finished 3rd clocking 1:03&4.

During the 1:06&1 – 1:08&0 and 1:08&1 – 1:11&3 [combined] Time Bar Class, Catrina Stephens in the bike of Gold Legacy clocked a winning time in the 1:06&1 – 1:08&0 Time Bar Class of 1:07&1, with Inwood’s Realist with Tahzii Flood in the bike finished second in 1:07&4, while Kirista Rabain in the bike of Special Tux has a leg out of the 1:08&1 – 1:11&3 Time Bar Class after clocking 1:07&4.

During the 1:04&3 – 1:06 Flat Time Bar Class, J’Auza James in the bike of ItsAllAboutMe has a leg out after clocking a winning time of 1:03&4, with Catrina Stephens in the bike of Reign of Terror finishing second in 1:06&1.

The full Bermuda Harness Pony Racing February 5th 2022 results follow below [PDF here]:

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