Dunkley: Remove The Travel Authorization Form

April 10, 2022

The Travel Authorization form “has served its purpose and now as we learn to live with Covid, we need to get back to a more normal life and remove what is now a hassle,” Shadow Health Minister Michael Dunkley said.

Mr Dunkley said, “With the recent announcement that Government states it is trying to clear a backlog of TA applications caused by “problems with e mail and an outage to its website” the One Bermuda Alliance again calls for the ending of the stealth tax in the form of the Travel Authorization application.

“Over the past week I have been contacted repeatedly by travellers who have experienced issues. While we appreciate the work of all involved in the process it is time the Travel Authorization form is eliminated.

“It has served its purpose and now as we learn to live with Covid, we need to get back to a more normal life and remove what is now a hassle in travel and a possible drawback or disincentive for travellers to the island. The TA is now an expensive bureaucratic inconvenience!

“It is easier to travel from Bermuda to the US, with no tax attached to it. It is clear why the PLP Government does not want to eliminate this tax—it helps fund a government that has a deficit budget!

“Government estimates show that during the last financial year they would earn $14 million from TA application, after they budgeted to earn $4.2 million! In the current financial year, the government has estimated it will raise $22 million from this tax imposed by the PLP.

“During the recent Budget Debate, I spoke extensively about this matter including what competing jurisdictions are doing and what Bermudians and people who work in the International Business sector are communicating to me.

“The PLP Government has failed to listen to reasoned analysis and this, once again, hurts our island.

“Bermudians, already facing the high cost of living, should not have to pay a further tax and inconvenience to come home. Bermuda should not be put at a disadvantage by the TA form which other jurisdictions do not require,” Mr Dunkley concluded.

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  1. hair says:

    Totally agree!!!

    • Answer says:

      Dunkley is not in charge anymore and LOST 30-6. Now go change the party name again to try and attract BLK voters.

      • question says:

        Sorry, but that is a totally racist answer. Try actually discussing the issue.

  2. Unknown800k says:

    They need some sort of income.
    I notice bitch and the TA was having issues yesterday.

  3. Unknown800k says:


  4. Question says:

    I agree. It’s stupid and unnecessary. Getting through the airport has become another ridiculous waste of time, like every single interaction with any part of the Bermuda Government or the Bermuda civil service.
    Bermuda isn’t governed any more. There is no leadership whatsoever. Civil servants treat the public, who pay their frikin wages, like crap.
    Bermuda is becoming becoming a tin pot joke.

  5. Observer says:

    Do we want a tourism industry or not?

  6. Would Be Nice says:

    Mr Dunkley. They are not about convenience for the people rather here is another cash cow we can milk and never let bit go.Screw the populace any bay we can by hook or better yet by CROOK

  7. Verdad says:

    It is time for this procedure to end!

  8. James says:

    They have said all along they were following UK guidance. Well do that now. UK have scrapped everything. Follow them

    • Bermy says:

      I agree
      Or, is it all about the $$$ how much is Government really collecting
      is also required for cruise ships

  9. sandgrownan says:

    He’s right you know.

  10. Kstarkx says:

    Miss this dude ☝

  11. Jerwin says:

    If we need pay for 40$ tax its OK but why so long approved applying travel authorisation…now cost of money my family rebooking ticket and pcr test.. Because of for waiting travel authorisation..

  12. watching says:

    is the issue the form, the $40 or both?
    Personally, the form isn’t a problem for me as the information is everything that used to be included on the immigration form save for the testing/vaccine information, which is not that laborious to upload.
    Yes this weekend there seems to be a technical glitch, and that is very problematic, but when things are going correctly, which is most of the time, then there is little to no issue for the traveler.
    Also, i think there is a bit of faux outrage over the $40 fee as I am sure most people can afford an extra $40 and should just factor that into their travel budget. I am sure if their airfare was increase $40 to account for it, they would still pay it.

    • question says:

      Of course. The champagne socialist can’t see a problem with paying an extra $40 per person and spending a wasted hour on the computer for absolutely nothing.
      Of course, last week, even that wasn’t good enough, because the TAF website was down and phoning government civil servants got the usual level of service (i.e. NONE).

      And if you have a family of 4, planning to visit Bermuda, it isn’t $40; it’s $160 added to your travel costs for absolutely nothing. No extra safety, no better service, nothing. But Bermudians think that’s all fine. That is why Tourism is in the crapper, and that is why we have thousands unemployed. Poor decisions by stupid politicians.

    • sandgrownan says:

      It’s a stealth tax…plain and simple, and not that stealthy.

      Secondly, I’ll take you to task on the from itself. Travelling with a family, the same data has to be uploaded, cc information, multiple times on different forms. It needs to facilitate all of those travelling on one form, with one payment. Try doing that on a smartphone, typos, fat fingering, leading to delay etc etc. I appreciate it was built in a rush to meet a need, but time for it to go.

      The immigration form went long ago. Unnecessary with smart passports.

  13. Ed says:

    Is that all you got. I voted PLP,however I’m in agreement with Mr Dunkley on this TA form being eliminated. No Bermudian returning home should have to go through this.