Mikaela Pearman Launches New PR Firm

June 7, 2022 | 0 Comments

Mikaela Pearman has launched Mikaela Ian PR and offers “bespoke communications services along with media and video coaching to help clients expand their impact and income by garnering media attention and exposure.”

Ms Pearman has over 15 years of media, communications and marketing experience. She began her career as a journalist in Bermuda in 2007 with The Royal Gazette and transitioned to Bermuda Sun in 2010 and has also contributed to Bernews.

Mikaela Pearman Bermuda June 7 2022

Ms Pearman switched to public relations/marketing at a boutique agency, representing mainly hospitality and telecommunications clients and went on to work with the 35th America’s Cup. She then moved on to Bermuda Skyport as the spokesperson for the LF Wade International Airport.

Ms Pearman says: “I started Mikaela Ian PR because I saw a gap in the market for a true public relations agency and companies in Bermuda need access to the type of strategic public relations services that we offer.

“Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to shape the narrative for large scale local initiatives like the America’s Cup and the LF Wade International Airport Redevelopment Project. I’m looking forward to bringing those services to a wider range of companies looking to share their stories and shape their corporate narratives.”

Over the course of her career, Ms Pearman has worked with a wide array of companies to provide strategic public relations support including Bermuda Skyport, the 35th America’s Cup, Canadian construction company Aecon, Bermuda CableVision, Coco Reef Resort, Elbow Beach Resort and more. To learn more about Mikaela Ian PR, please visit www.mikaelaian.com or email Ms Pearman: mikaela@mikaelaian.com.

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