Video: Emancipation Walkabout Start In Sandys

July 3, 2022

The ‘Emancipation Cup Match‘ walkabout was held in Sandys today [July 3] taking people on a route which tells the “stories of yesteryear” including pre-emancipation, Cup Match observances, the Friendly Society in Somerset, Somerset Cricket Club and more.

Emancipation Walk Bermuda July 3rd 2022 DF-3

A Friends of Sandys spokesperson previously said, “The route will include sites which tell stories of yesteryear…times pre-emancipation; the story of Emancipation Day and Cup Match observances from 1834 to 1947; the story of the Friendly Society in Somerset which was directly involved in the creation of Cup Match; the story of the earliest years and locations of the Somerset Cricket Club; the story of the first Cup Match, the story of the relationship between West End Primary School, the Somerset Cricket Club and Cup Match, and a few highlights of Somerset Cricket Club’s more recent Cup Match history, bringing us to the 120th anniversary of the Annual Cup Match Classic in 2022, July 28, 2022, Emancipation Day and July 29, 2022, Mary Prince Day.”

If you missed the event this morning — and please note our video is just a small snippet and in no way represents the full walk — you can attend the next one, as the organisers will be hosting the event again on July 17th.

The walk, which will take place from 8.00am to 10.00am, is free and for more information, please email

Free Emancipation Cupmatch Walkabout Bermuda July 2022


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  1. Great isea says:

    Wonderful idea.Make sure it is vudeo taped.