BFRS To Conduct Emergency Driving Instruction

August 7, 2022

The Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service [BFRS] is advising “that it will conduct an emergency driving instruction on the roads during the weeks of 8 August and 15 August.”

A spokesperson said, “The public should be aware that during instruction, the increased use of sirens may cause a degree of concern or distress, for which the BFRS apologises in advance. Motorists should give way when approached by emergency vehicles.

“Motorists are urged to exercise caution during this period and be aware of their surroundings, as the BFRS vehicles are large.

“The public’s vigilance will be appreciated as the instruction course runs day and night across the Island.

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  1. truth says:

    So we have to watch out for that gaint truck, that weights God knows how much, speeding and careening around the roads. Honestly this place really is lala land.

    • Toodle-oo says:

      With or without a speeding 911 vehicle on the street , just another average day on the road.

    • Bermudian says:


      Lets see you complain about them driving to an emergency when you need it…..

  2. kevin says:

    as a firefighter i am surprised how naive you are ….you should be applauding the training of fire officers gaining the experience in driving yes these large heavy vehicles take skill to manuevre which by the way will one day be responding to you or a family member in a crisis and you will be hoping they get there quickly and safely

    my grandfather once told me keep your mouth shut and let them think your stupid as opposed to opening it and proving them right

    • Joe Bloggs says:

      I’m with you, Kevin. Whilst there are some natural-born drivers, almost everyone I know has had some form of driver training. And the more unusual the vehicle, the more likely training is advisable.

  3. Triangle Drifter says:

    The emergency vehicles don’t worry me at all. What scares me are the drivers who don’t get out of the way, stop dead in the road or carry on as if nothing is happening at all.

    Then there are the clowns who ‘ride the siren’ tailgating the emergency vehicle.

  4. LOL - the real one says:

    Thank you for keeping up the training! This is critical training. Drive safe.