Photos/Video: Belmont Hills Golf Course Fire

November 29, 2012

[Updated with video] A fire broke out on the 17th tee at the Belmont Golf Course this evening [Nov 29], and firefighters are presently on scene extinguishing the blaze.

Smoke is pouring out into the night sky, and there are at least three fire vehicles and a number of personnel on scene. It appears the fire started in a pile of vegetation debris, and as of 7.45pm the fire appears to be contained with firefighters now wetting down the hot spots.

Update: A Bermuda Fire & Rescue Service spokesperson said: “BFRS responded to Belmont Golf Course for a report of a brush fire. 3 vehicles and 10 personnel responded to fight the blaze. A large pile of horticultural waste was well involved when the first responding vehicle arrived.

“The blaze took approximately 3 hours to bring under control and dense smoke consumed the nearby neighborhood. The lack of water initially caused some concern however a nearby neighbor provided water to assist the firefighters in combating the blaze, for which the Fire Service is extremely grateful. At this time the cause of the blaze is unknown. There were no injuries reported.

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  1. Liars says:

    musta bean de viked white oba

    • drunkenUrsula says:

      yeah it was the OBA,they do anything to avoid answering any real questions…clowns

      • Back to Life, Back to Reality says:

        @Liars…with your screwed up mindset and obvious devotion to the PLP – you wonder why people “that look like me” don’t support that party?! Who wants to be part of a destructive group that claims to fight against racism and sexism unless it is dished out by one of their own.

    • Fortune Cookie says:

      “White OBA”, sorry buddy that is unacceptable. Stereotyping race is what the plp fought against, can’t have it both ways, eh Kanye ?

  2. Triangle Drifter says:

    Ahhhh, nothing like a camp fire. Time for smores.

    Great, pour water on it & create more smoke. Let it burn & it will get hot, burn clean & be gone.

    • terry says:

      Me thinks you have been in the triangle too long drifter.

      • Triangle Drifter says:

        Nah, Terry thats just a little pile. A few hours & it would have burned itself out. Besides, everyone likes the smell of a campfire.

        You must be getting old Bye.

  3. Autumn Fire says:

    Just like this upcoming Election 2012 – where there’s smoke, there’s FIRE!

  4. ABC says:

    i swear uall talk alot


    oh boy all better duck

    (>_>) (¬_¬) annoyed

  5. Nitty Gritty says:

    Fire on the 17th? What Ewart’s wallet catch fire?