Warwick Academy Celebrate Exam Results

August 24, 2022

Warwick Academy announced their latest exam results, with the Principal saying that while statistics are important “they often hide the real achievements and fundamental value of what our graduates have been doing.”

Principal Dave Horan said, “It is with much celebration that we share with our school community our International Baccalaureate [IB] and Business & Technology Education Council [BTEC] results from the summer 2022 examination session. IB results were released on the 6th July with BTEC results confirmed on the 18th August.

“My sincere congratulations to all our graduates on the hard work they have put in over the past two years. We are very pleased with the overall outcome, and I am deeply proud of every one of them and greatly respect what they have achieved in the face of unprecedented circumstances. This cohort has shown much resilience and flexibility, and their achievements go far wider than what is reflected in these results.

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“It is very easy to focus on statistics when we make this announcement, however we must recognise that whilst these are important, they often hide the real achievements and fundamental value of what our graduates have been doing.

“Each one of our 56 graduates have been on their unique path and every result has a rich and compelling story behind it that quantitative data alone will never convey. This includes their hard work, leadership and service, which has shone through. Results without context limit the story and in saying this we celebrate their individual journeys and show gratitude to our staff and parents who have supported them over a difficult two years.

“This was also Warwick Academy’s first cohort of IB Career-related Programme [IBCP] students, a first in Bermuda and a Sixth Form pathway that highlights the breadth of our offering at the school.

“We achieved an excellent 100% pass rate for the IB Diploma [IBDP] with an average total point score of 34. Congratulations to our top IB Diploma students [35 points and above]:

  • Sophia Banner with 42 points, heads to the University of Oxford in the UK
  • James Luckham 40 – University of Leeds, UK
  • Hugo Calliere 39 – University of Exeter, UK
  • Gianna Lupparelli 39 – Brock University, Canada
  • Kirsty Pollett 39 – University of Durham, UK
  • Taylor White 39 – Bentley University, USA
  • Leo Foster 37 – University of Liverpool, UK
  • Caroline McPhail 36 – University of Southampton, UK
  • Tayla Horan 35 – Loughborough University, UK
  • Aidan Jones 35 – Queens University, Canada
  • Katarina Rance 35 – Western University, Canada

“17 graduates completed the IB Individual Subjects pathway, achieving our highest ever average point score of 28. Congratulations to our top students taking the IB Individual Subjects pathway [34 points and above]:

  • Charlie Thorpe with 35 points, heads to Wilfred Laurier in Canada
  • Taylor Crichlow 34 – University of Essex, UK
  • Benjamin Floyd 34 – Dalhousie University, Canada

“13 graduates completed the IB Career-related programme [IBCP]. As mentioned earlier these are the first students in Bermuda to have achieved this unique qualification. Within the IBCP, 64% of the students achieved a Distinction Star or Distinction for their vocational BTEC course with the following students achieving a Distinction Star. This is equivalent to an A* grade on the A-Level programme.

  • Tommy Marshall – Distinction Star in Sport – Loughborough University, UK
  • Ellie Richmond – Distinction Star in Sport – Manchester Met University, UK
  • Kaylee Trott – Distinction Star in Sport – Dalhousie University, Canada
  • Miriam Dill – Distinction Star in Hospitality – University of Derby, UK
  • Lily Perinchief-Ingham – Distinction Star in Hospitality – Oxford Brooks University, UK

“We often talk about the various pathways available to students in our Sixth Form and that our most important measure is their success in gaining admissions to the best Universities & Colleges around the world. We have enjoyed another year of success with outstanding tertiary admissions.

“Finally, I thank our staff for the dedication, expertise, and efforts over the past two very demanding years. We know how much work goes into the build-up to their final examinations and once again, my congratulations to all on a job well done.”

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  1. Lion Paw says:

    Well done! Congratulations to each one of you wishing you continued success in your futures.