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September 1, 2023 | 1 Comment

Warwick Academy shared its International Baccalaureate [IB], Business & Technology Education Council [BTEC], and International General Certificate of Secondary Education [I/GCSE] results from the summer 2023 examination session.

A spokesperson said, “It is with much celebration that we share with our school community our International Baccalaureate [IB], Business & Technology Education Council [BTEC], and International General Certificate of Secondary Education [I/GCSE] results from the summer 2023 examination session.

“With IB, IGCSE, and A-Level examination boards returning to what they called the ‘pre-Covid normal curve and grade boundaries,’ we watched as overall results dropped around the world and in the UK. Being forewarned of this and having planned for it, we are even more pleased with what our Year 13s and Year 11s produced this summer.

“We achieved a 100% pass rate [world average: 79%] for the IB Diploma [IBDP] with an average total point score of 32.30 [world average: 30.24]. Congratulations to our top IB Diploma students [35 points and above]:

  • Rakshana Sureshkumar, 40 points, and heads to King’s College London, UK
  • Annabelle Miller, 39 points, Durham University, UK
  • Kwame Naylor, 39 points, Loughborough University, UK
  • Gloria Candiolo, 36 points, York University, UK
  • Zorena Anderson, 35 points, University of Liverpool, UK
  • Daniel MacPhee, 35 points, University of Toronto, Canada

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“Across our IB Individual Subjects pathway, we achieved a 100% pass rate with an average point score of 25. Congratulations to our top students taking the IB Individual Subjects pathway [29 points and above]:

  • Blake Oliveira, 32 points, and heads to the University of the West of England, UK
  • Ethan Lacey, 29 points, Queens University, Canada
  • Malikah Tankard, 29 points, Dalhouise University, Canada
  • Max Totten, 29 points, Champlain College, USA

“Congratulations to our BTEC students on the following results:

  • Matthew Mitchell, Distinction & Merit, and heads to Bermuda College
  • Cameron Morris, Distinction & Merit, Nottingham Trent University, UK

“This cohort has shown much resilience and flexibility, and their achievements go far wider than what is reflected in these results. It is very easy to focus on statistics when we make this announcement, however we must recognise that whilst these are important, they often hide the real achievements and fundamental value of what of what our graduates have been doing.

“We often talk about the various pathways available to students in our Sixth Form and that our most important measure is their success in gaining admissions to the best Universities & Colleges around the world. We have enjoyed another year of success with outstanding tertiary admissions. 100% of the graduates achieved their first choice University [in the UK 79% of students achieve this first choice or firm offer at the time of the results being issued].

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“In terms of our I/GCSE results, the tried and tested yardstick, widely used by schools, for measuring student success across a Year group is them achieving 5 grade C/4s and above. 97% of our students achieved this benchmark. In addition, 91% of all the distinct subjects written were at grades C/4 or better. Both the 97% and 91% are record highs for Warwick Academy outside of the two Covid years.

“Again, this compares very favourably to the UK where students achieved 68% grades at C/4 and above. Our students also excelled at the top grades with 46% A*& A and 9/8/7 grades achieved, also significantly above the UK at 22%. A notable ‘best ever’ for WA is the first 100% grade C/4 or better achieved by the Year group for Mathematics, English Literature, and English Language.

“The I/GCSE top students were:

  • Celeste Candiolo [four A*, five 9’s, and one 7]
  • Youenn Pugi [four A*, three 9’s, one 8, and one A]
  • Rhys Swift [four A*, one 9, two 8’s, one A, and one 6]
  • Monty Hastings [one 9, four A*, two 8’s, one B, and one 6]
  • Matthew Arruda [two A*, three 9, one 8, two A’s, and one 7]
  • Myles Webb [one A*, five 8’s, two A’s, one B, and one 5]
  • Esi Naylor [three A*, two 8’s, one A, and four 7’s]
  • Moya van Niekerk [two A*, one 9, two 8’s, two A’s, one 7, and one 6]

“It is also important to note that WA students are involved in so much more than just their academics. Whilst the academic success is key, they also made significant contributions to sports, music, drama, community service, clubs, leadership posts, and other initiatives whilst making sure their academics were in the right place.

“My sincere congratulations to our graduates and our Year 11s on the hard work they have put in over the past two years. We are very pleased with the overall outcome, and I am deeply proud of every one of them and greatly respect what they have achieved in the face of unprecedented circumstances. These are wonderful young people who will do great things.

“Finally, we thank all our parents and guardians who supported their children, and I thank our staff for the dedication, expertise, and efforts over the past two very demanding years. We know how much work goes into the build-up to final examinations and once again, my congratulations on a job well done.”

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