“Fiona Could Have An Impact On Bermuda”

September 18, 2022

The Ministry of National Security encouraged the public to “ensure they are storm ready” noting that it is “anticipated that Hurricane Fiona could have an impact on Bermuda later this week.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Ministry of National Security advised today that it has been closely monitoring the forecast of Hurricane Fiona.

“As of the 12.00 noon update Fiona was located 905 nm S of Bermuda, moving north at 7 knots. It’s anticipated that Hurricane Fiona could have an impact on Bermuda later this week.


“Currently its closest point of approach within the next 72 hours will be 12 pm Wednesday, when it’s forecast to be some 524 nm SSW of Bermuda.

“The Minister of National Security, Michael Weeks, notes that the Emergency Measures Organisation [EMO] will likely convene a meeting early this week to get the latest update from the Bermuda Weather Service [BWS].

“However the public is encouraged to take this holiday weekend to ensure they are storm ready. As a reminder, they should:

  • “Make any small repairs around their home.
  • “Secure outdoor furniture.
  • “Review family plans and update them with any changes to phone numbers and other important information.
  • “Stock up on any medical prescriptions that your family and pets require and ensure you have at least two weeks supply on hand.
  • “Check your hurricane kit to make sure you have working flashlights, a portable radio with spare batteries and a stock of non-perishable food to last your family for seven days.
  • “Ensure your house insurance policy is up to date.
  • “Check on your vulnerable neighbours and ask them if they need any help with their preparations.

“Residents are encouraged residents to stay abreast of ‎updates regarding Tropical Storm Fiona by visiting www.weather.bm”

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  1. Sandgrownan says:

    Well, at least Jim Cantore and crew form the weather channel won’t be coming to Bermuda! TA forms and testing in “the Bermuda scam”…..

    • LOL - the real one says:

      Nor Anderson Cooper standing in a ditch of water up to his waist reporting how high the water is due to climate change.