Live Updates & Videos: Hurricane Fiona

September 25, 2022

[Updating] Bermuda is now in recovery mode after the passage of Hurricane Fiona, with the hurricane making its closest approach early on Friday morning, knocking out power for over 80% of the island, most of which was restored by the weekend. If you have information or footage [that you obtained safely!] to share, please email


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  1. Micro says:

    The worst of the winds will occur after the storm passes, with sustained winds projected to reach 80mph with gusts potentially over 100mph. These will occur from about 6 am Friday at the closest point until about midday, when they will begin to subside. Winds will arrive from the southeast, building to the southwest and then easing from the northwest.

  2. Eloise turner says:

    That’s my uncle Steve there please stay safe

  3. Dani Tarver says:

    Wishing everyone safety – we were there in August and fell in love with the residents of Bermuda! Prayers!

  4. Micro says:

    Every time there’s a storm approaching the radar seems to go down…

  5. SMH says:

    I know many people don’t trust the authorities or obey them, but please use common sense and stay off the roads so as not to interfere with the cleaning up process.

  6. Hello says:

    What sucks is the cell signal after the storm, they must be running on low power or high traffic.

  7. Like children says:

    Worldwide power goes but we cry like children but feel we have all the answers. Sounds like we can’t adjust. Food goes up 10petcent imported and we won’t grow our own. Babies.neither do we demand more hydroponic gardening g or that it be grown by school kids and prisoners. Babies.

  8. Joe Bloggs says:

    I would like to thank the Royal Bermuda Regiment, the workers and Public Works and the City of Hamilton for clearing up after Hurricane Fiona. You guys and girls did a sterling job.