Videos: International Media Report On Bermuda

September 25, 2022

A number of international media reported on the impact of Hurricane Fiona on Bermuda, with some of the larger networks sending film crews and reporters to the island to obtain footage and conduct interviews; showing the island in preparation mode as well as footage of the conditions in Bermuda. In some cases, a few of the broadcasts may have been a bit confusing for viewers not familiar with the island, as they showed footage which was clearly not of Bermuda, while using an on-screen graphic saying Bermuda.

New Hampshire media

CBS Mornings | Hurricane Fiona slams Bermuda

TODAY | Hurricane Fiona Pummels Bermuda As New Storm Brews In The Gulf

NBC News | Bermuda Hunkers Down As Hurricane Fiona Approaches

NBC News | Hurricane Fiona Targeting Canada After Battering Bermuda

Inside Edition | Hurricane Fiona Hits Bermuda and Heads to Canada

ABC News | Bermuda prepares for Hurricane Fiona

GMA | Hurricane Fiona slams Bermuda

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