Over 700 Deaths, Less Than 500 Births In 2021

October 11, 2022

The island continues to have more deaths than births, with the recently released Registry General report stating that there were 494 births in 2021, while 727 residents died, with the 727 deaths marking a significant increase over past years, with the previous 20 years having between 404 and 566 deaths per year.

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The report said, “In 2021 the total number of live births of 494 births reflects a decrease of 47 or 8.7% over the previous year.” This marks yet another decline in the birth rate, which has been steadily declining for some years now.

To delve a bit further into the declining birth rate [as a note, we are mentioning this as it may pertain to future population projections, not to sound xenophobic or unwelcoming, as of course babies are always welcome!] the report stated that of the 494 babies born in 2021, 114 [23.1%] “have parents who are both non-Bermudian,” meaning that 380 Bermudian babies were born last year.

“730 deaths were recorded for the year ended 31st December, 2021. This figure consists of 727 deaths of residents and 3 deaths of non-residents,” the report said, noting this is “an increase of 161 or 28.4% from 566 deaths recorded in 2020.”

A Government report pertaining to 2020 statistics noted that “the number of deaths increased 6% to set another record high of 566,” so presumably the 727 deaths in 2021 is yet another record high.

Bernews asked the Government on Friday if they can confirm the 727 deaths is a record high, and also asked officials for any insight into what they attribute the increase in deaths — the report on the 2020 statistics cited an “ageing population and Covid-19 as contributory factors” — and we will update if we receive a response.

The report added, “There was a decrease of 233 in the estimated resident population at the end of 2021 at 63,648 as opposed to the 63,881 in resident population estimate in 2020.”

The report said, “from the report given and statistics recorded in 2017, it would appear that there has been a significant drop in the population” and added “the statistics compiled by the Registry General do not take into consideration any effects on the population due to emigration or immigration.”


To provide a direct comparison to 20 years ago — without accounting for immigration or emigration as we do not have access to those statistics — in 2001 we had 838 births and 473 deaths [an increase of 365 people] and in 2021 there were 494 births and 727 deaths [a decrease of 233 people].

The Government recently released a position paper — ‘Addressing the Challenge of an Ageing Population in Bermuda’ – which noted that “Bermuda is facing a demographic crisis” and “the prospect of Bermuda’s declining and aging population in the coming years raises critical concerns about GDP, employment, health care, retirement benefits, and social support services.”

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  1. trufth says:

    Our population is nowhere near 63,000.

    I realize this is an estimate but it is way too high. Many people / families have been quietly leaving for a myriad of reasons.

  2. Joe Bloggs says:

    “from the report given and statistics recorded in 2017, it would appear that there has been a significant drop in the population”

    Really? You think so?