Review: Tempo Event At Earl Cameron Theatre

May 6, 2024 | 0 Comments

[Written by Dale Butler]

So much going on in Bermuda.

On stage:

  • Famous for 15 Minutes by the BMDS
  • Sister Act by students at The Berkeley Institute
  • Tempo Showcase and Social at City Hall
  • International Jazz Day celebrating Duke Ellington and last but not least
  • The Raymond George Trio at The Hamilton Princess [Crown and Anchor]


It was refreshing to see and hear a revival, on stage, of Latin dance and music with new and excited faces, with veterans giving us an outstanding night of entertainment from the Tempo Dance teams ignited in 2022 by Sage Robinson and Shadae Steede. With collaboration with Clave Dance Bermuda and others in the community, the gap was filled on Saturday, April 27th with great steps, lively music, co-ordination, and beautiful costumes that enhanced the salsa and bachata dances.

As patrons arrived, a variety of Latin music was performed and they seemed excited. An introduction, “What is Salsa” by Yen Juan, was most enlightening and set the tone for the evening. Much to our delight, Bermudian comedian Nadanja Bailey, the MC, appeared out of the clouds at the end of the opening dance. He kept the show rolling with jokes and introductions, never missing a beat, and promised to dance in the 2025 festival. Given his enthusiasm for life, I have no doubt he will make the high standards set that night.


The lighting for each dance highlighted the beautiful clothing and shoes of the dancers. Without hesitation, the numbers kept on flowing:

  • Merecumbi by Los Titanes: 2 couples: fast paced, great timing with twists and turns, half splits and a dramatic finish.
  • Tempo ladies: 4 women dance to Toxic by Britney Spears. Excellent.
  • Song: Todos song by Vinci, El Figuere and Vinny Riviera the women in black and the men grey pants and tops, plus hats. Great job.
  • Father and son duo who started at Seabreeze many years ago, were returning after a 14 year absence with no rust on their wheels. Song: Tshwaln Bam by TitoM & Yappe and a second song Tangom Rumba/afro Cuban by Manho All Stars. Third song used in their dance was Anybody by Burma Boy. What a joy to have them back in such fine form.
  • Fendi and the Steppers consisted of women in pink and the men in black and white tops. The 8 dancers were excellent with their body movement and co-ordination. Song: Dutty Wine [Jersey Club] song by Retro J. Just when the audience appeared to want to join them on stage the number suddenly stopped. Planned I am sure.
  • The salsa dance team was not to be outdone. As they danced to Sentimiento there was one dramatic catch of their female partners that they had to make and they did. Well done. Icing on the cake.
  • Salma and Derek danced to Ahi Va sung by Pinto Picasso and sP Polanco. This was a crowd pleaser with good movement, splits and turns.


Seven young rising stars added to the excitement in the show when they performed. The Jackson School of Dance Song: Levitating [Salsa Version] by Mandinga. The dramatic pick up at the end was perfect. Well done, dancers.

Part two of the night was the after show, which was well attended after the spontaneous standing ovation the dancers received. This was indeed a night to remember. Salsa and bachata are back. Congratulations to Sage Robinson and Shade Steede and all of their dancers and technical crew who gave us a delightful evening of music and dance.

To take a class next season ,see their announcement on Instagram. You can receive additional information on upcoming events and the next Tempo Dance session by emailing


- Dale Butler writes a variety of reviews for Bernews. In his early years he enjoyed dancing salsa and tango.

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