La Trattoria Offer ‘Gold Pizza’ For Anniversary

November 2, 2022

La Trattoria Restaurant has unveiled a ‘Gold Pizza’ in honour of the Washington Mall’s 50th anniversary, with the special pizza including burrata cheese, truffles, and 24 karat edible gold leaf.

“It is an extremely unique, delicious and extravagant experience and worth trying at least once in your life,” said a spokesperson. “The Gold Pizza consists of pizza bianca [white pizza] with fresh burrata cheese, truffles and 24 karat edible gold leaf applied very carefully at the end.

“If $110 for a Gold Pizza or $180 for two Gold Pizzas is out of your budget, then La Trattoria is also doing a 50th Anniversary Set Menu with appetizer, main course and sessert for $50. The Gold Pizza and Set Menu are available until Friday November 4th. For more information call 295-1877 or email” Photos below by Yellodig.

Gold Pizza Bermuda Nov 2 2022 (1)

Gold Pizza Bermuda Nov 2 2022 (2)

Gold Pizza Bermuda Nov 2 2022 (3)


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  1. ella says:

    Not sorry – Let’s be for real. That pizza is not worth $110. La Tratt is catering to the RICH n RICHER. Certainly not the common folk.

  2. Wondering... says:

    Why???? So you can say there is gold in your cesspit?