Burger Shack Opens Second Location In Flatts

June 1, 2020

Burger Shack has now opened a second location inside of Four Star in Flatts; customers of Four Star Flatts and Four Star Hamilton can now order the entire Burger Shack menu and the menu is now available for delivery from Paget to Grotto Bay.

A spokesperson said, ”Starting at its flagship location on Bermudiana Rd just a few months ago, Burger Shack has expanded locations and its menu. There are now three different types of red meat burgers each made with three different grades of meat. If you are looking for the typical American style burger, that’s the Burger Shack Junior Burger. It’s slightly thinner and great for smaller appetites.

“On the other side of the scale is the Homemade Burger. It is thicker, hand-formed and hand-seasoned. For the foodies, Burger Shack has an Angus burger. It’s a high quality burger with a terrific taste, and a style of cooking that really brings out the flavor. For healthier appetites, Burger Shack has a juicy Salmon Burger, a garden-fresh tasting Veggie Burger, a Turkey Burger and a range of salads.

“While we took inspiration from various restaurants, we hear a lot that we are Bermuda’s version of Shake Shack meets Chick-Fil-A” says Ian Carr, Operations Manager.

“Similar to Chick-Fil-A, Burger Shack offers grilled chicken sandwiches, crispy chicken sandwiches, and chicken bites. Like ShakeShack, Burger Shack does sell shakes, onion rings and fries and best of all everything can be delivered – even the shakes and ice cream desserts!

“Burger Shack spent months tasting different brands of ice cream and working with all types of fries. “We wanted our fries to be crispy and warm even after delivery. And it was important that our shakes would be satisfying at the same time”, says Mr. Carr.

“To make Burger Shack work and to ensure consistency, a team at Burger Shack source and import most of its products directly from the US. This allows them to purchase very high quality ingredients at lower costs, and the savings are passed on to customers in Bermuda via lower prices.

“Our goal is to provide really good, really delicious everyday burgers, fries, shakes and salads made with high quality ingredients, and provided at reasonable prices – delivered. So far the customer response has been really good. We’ve had many customers call us back to comment on how surprised they were by the menu and how satisfied they have been with their order. This makes it all worthwhile”, says Mr. Carr.

“The other satisfying part is being able to provide additional jobs to Bermudian staff. Bermuda is going through a rough time. We all are. In our minds, anything we can do to keep people employed so that insurance payments are maintained and people can take care of their families is worth it, even if we aren’t making a whole lot of money doing it. We are happy that customers are enjoying the burgers and happy that this has a direct effect on our ability to provide staff work hours.”

“Burgershack can be ordered for take-out at its flagship location on Bermudiana Road, and also through Four Star Hamilton and Four Star in Flatts. Go to Burgershack.bm or fourstar.bm for details.”

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  1. Sosa says:

    Saying Burger shack is similar to Chick-fil-A dismisses this whole article. Chick-fil-A doesn’t have a single burger on its menus and also has a complete different style of fries.

    • sandgrownan says:

      Plus the Chick-fil-A owner(s) are massive Trumpers, douchebags and anti-LGBTQ, so you don’t really want to compare to them!!

  2. Micro says:

    $4 for a tablespoon of coleslaw.

  3. saud says:

    “Similar to Chick-Fil-A”

    Homophobic and overly religious?

  4. Sam says:

    Do they have chick-fil-a sauce?