Infrastructure Concerns At Lefroy House Facility

November 22, 2022 | 3 Comments

The Lefroy House Care Community recently underwent its annual inspection, which “highlighted some significant concerns relating to the physical infrastructure.”

A Government spokesperson said, “The Government advised that the Lefroy House Care Community [LHCC] recently underwent its annual inspection by the Bermuda Health Council. And while the inspection confirmed that the LHCC meets the Clinical, Administrative and Management Standards of practice, the inspection highlighted some significant concerns relating to the physical infrastructure and environmental health that pose some challenges to the operations of the facility.

“As a result, the Health Council outlined the required areas of improvement for the LHCC to meet the Code of Practice for Care Homes. The areas identified do not relate to care, instead they focus on maintenance matters.

“The Ministry of Public Works is working closely with the LHCC to address any ongoing issues and to conduct immediate repairs. This will be done in accordance with a specified timeline and with as minimal disruption to the residents as possible.

“The Ministry of Health has also been overseeing the situation and continues to have dialogue with the Bermuda Health Council to address any concerns. The Government has been assured by the LHCC administration that the residents’ families and the health care community will be kept fully abreast of all the developments regarding the LHCC.”

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  1. Pure Madness!!!! says:

    I am so glad to finally see this come to the medias attention. This building situation has been in a SERIOUS state of disrepair every since HURRICANE FABIAN.
    The issues concerning this building, have been reported to upper management multiple times over the YEARS with absolutely nothing being done other than moving clients and staff from one building to the other with band aid repairs being done. There are multiple vacant building onsite that are basically in ruins and unsafe even for stray animals. These buildings have issues such as asbestos, mold, water pipe bursts, termites (with the dropping falling on clients), roofs leaking etc. It has taken for more than one staff member to become seriously ill by the state of these buildings, for the powers that be to FINALLY address and attempt to fix.
    Who knows, people have had their family members pass away of apparently natural causes due to age, however how does anyone truly know the real cause. I doubt autopsies were ever performed. Chances are half of them probably passed away due to the deplorable conditions of those buildings which could have affected their health.
    At present there is only one operational staff bathroom for a team of over 30 people. The conditions that the staff currently have to work in are definitely a Health and Safety concern.
    I truly hope that the Ministry will do all that they possible could for the clients and staff to be able to live and work in the safest environment possible.

    • Tom says:

      Thats disgusting!! Something needs to be done now !!,

    • Upset & Disgusted says:

      I totally agree with all which was said and as usual Government is trying to sugar coat the issues instead of just excepting responsibility for their neglect and faults. I have spoken to several of my friends which work at Lefroy and they have all expressed that they were informed by management that the Bermuda Health Council issued a letter indicating that due to the failed physical infrastructure of Lefroy and its unfit living standards they are to be closed and evacuated by November 30th. Since which Government officials have been at Lefroy just about every day trying to cover their tracks and failures. Now they are tell the public a totally different story from what the staff have been told. Government definitely need to be honest and start taking responsibility for the conditions they have put the seniors and staff in. And to believe our Government expressed during the election that seniors were a priority. I just wonder would any of our politicians put their loved ones there to stay in those conditions.

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